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About Aconcagua

The Mountain

Aconcagua, the culminating point of the Cordillera de los Andes, lies 180 kilometers west of Mendoza, Argentina near the boarder with Chile. The mountains above the arid and continental climate of Mendoza are crowned with glaciers and subject to the conditions of high altitude.

The Normal Route (or Northwest Route) is physically demanding yet attainable for motivated individuals. The Swiss Mathias Zurbriggen first climbed the mountain by the Normal Route in 1897 on an expedition organized by the Englishman Edward Fitz Gerald. The mountain has routes of all difficulties from extreme rock and ice to the accessible, non-technical terrain of the Normal Route.


The main language spoken in Argentina is Spanish.


The local currency is Argentine pesos (ARP).

$100 bills must be 2003 or later, or they will not be accepted. For travellers cheques, there is often a $1/cheque fee, and the exchange rate is better for $100 cheques. It helps to bring smaller bills as change is not always available.

Telephone Calls

To dial internationally from Argentina, dial:  000 + area code + telephone number. Hotel receptionists will help you make calls.

When calling Argentina, you must dial the country code of 54.

Only global cell phones will work and only in the bigger towns. You may want to consider renting one or getting a satellite phone.


Argentina uses 220 volt current with a European or Australian plug.

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