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Trips to Bolivia: northwest argentina

Join us to visit colonial cities, Amazonian plains, snowy Andean peaks, pre-Columbian ruins, white salt flats deserts, colourful lagoons and National Parks on an unforgettable journey through this fascinating and diverse land: Bolivia!

This wonderful country, located in the "Heart of South America", it is a place where adventurers will witness an awe-inspiring variety of geography, biodiversity and culture. Bolivia’s living cultural legacy, with 32 different ethnic groups, that make up more than half of the population, allows visitors to experience myriad indigenous traditions throughout the year, from the mystical and spiritual Andes to the cheerful and exotic in the east of Santa Cruz.

Come observe the Milky Way Galaxy perfectly reflected in expansive Uyuni Salt Flats, meet with locals and trek across ancient islands on Lake Titicaca, explore the Jesuit Missions in the rustic villages of the countryside, discover the historic beauty of colonial Sucre and Potosi and soar in a gondola over the vibrant city of La Paz! Dive into Bolivia, a treasure trove of richness off the beaten path!

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