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Ecuador/Galapagos Testimonials

Your guides and coordinators were all very attentive to our needs; the guesthouses were charming, clean and friendly. Still, I am most grateful for the way so many of the guides took special care of my 79-year-old father. He received such patient and caring treatment from everyone, we are all very grateful.

Martha J.D., FL, USA
8-Day Galapagos Island Hopping with Diving, March 2017

I have already recommended Adventures Within Reach [].  We had heard about all the people who went on cruises in the past, many friends of ours, but preferred the autonomy of staying on land and having a well-organized trip for the five full days we had.

We loved the B&B in La Isabella, and the owners (Ecuadorean-American couple) who were so kind.  We loved Los Tuneles off that island, and the tour guide we went with was fantastic in providing sociocultural context about Galapagos.  I don't remember his name, but all the guides were excellent in any case.  We enjoyed having one program daily and some relaxation time in the evening.  The other favorite was taking the boat on Day 2 (a nice boat and great tour guide and snorkeling) to the uninhabited island.  I was so grateful to have my high power camera, I am only now going through images and am in awe of the Galapagos' beauty all over again.

Our trip was perfect.  Groups of 2-10 were ideal for the tours so we had personal time with the guides.  We were especially glad when we could have Spanish tours rather than dual language to practice, and that happened often thanks to the group sizes and diversity of groups. 

Marissa P., NJ, USA
6-Day Galapagos Island Hopping, December 2016

Of course I would recommend you to others. There is someone already who has asked me for information about the trip.

My favorite part? Oh my. The snorkeling, the blue-footed boobies and the Nemo III and its crew. Our guide was marvelous. Oswaldo. The boat was perfect and so special.

Lily M., USA
5-Day Galapagos Cruise, March 2016

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