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8-Day Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route)

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Day 1 : Arrive Santiago, transfer to Baiona

Visiting: Santiago, Baiona

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Your guided tour begins at Santiago Airport where your group will be met by one of our representatives and brought directly to your hotel in Baiona. At dinner this evening you will get the opportunity to meet with your guide and other members of your group. Your guide will give you a brief outline of the coming few days walking and answer any questions that you may have. In your free time this evening, take a stroll around this beautiful town and sleep well tonight as your walking adventure begins tomorrow after breakfast. There are plenty of artistic, cultural and historical sights to see in Baiona, so make sure to try some before you leave on your Galician adventure.

The elegant seaside town of Baiona, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, famous for its Albariño white wine and delicious shellfish. This is a superb coastal Camino route, ideal for the Summer months. Visit the Monte Real castle, stroll along the port and go for a swim in the bay before you start your journey to Santiago. From Baiona, you will follow the coast towards Vigo, enjoying the views of the magnificent Illas Cíes and Vigo Bay.

Dinner is included in the group tour.

  • Meals:
  • Standard Lodging: Pazo de Mendoza
  • Luxury Lodging: Parador Conde de Gondomar

Day 2 : Hike Baiona to Vigo (28km)

Visiting: Baiona, Vigo

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Today you will follow the coast from Baiona to Nigrán and finally to the city of Vigo.

You will enjoy fantastic views of the Bay of Vigo, with the magnificent Illas Cíes and its Natural Park in the horizon.

On a hot day, stop at the blue flag beach Praia América in Nigrán for a quick swim.

Dinner is included in the group tour.

  • Meals: B
  • Standard Lodging: Hotel Compostela
  • Luxury Lodging: Hotel America

Day 3 : Hike Vigo to Redondela (15km)

Visiting: Vigo, Redondela

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) From the city of Vigo, you will continue on your coastal Camino with the Bay of Vigo to your left.

Today is quite a short day so you can enjoy a more relaxed pace.

Your stop for the night is the town of Redondela where you will join the original Portuguese Camino.

  • Meals: BD
  • Standard Lodging: Casa Rural Chivas
  • Luxury Lodging: Pazo Torres de Agrelo Guest House

Day 4 : Hike Redondela to Pontevedra (20km)

Visiting: Redondela, Pontevedra

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Today is your last day along the coast and quite a short walking day so you can make the most of the seaside. Stop to try the famous oysters in the fishing village of Arcade.

Your final point is the city of Pontevedra, with its pretty historic centre. You will have time to explore the old town with its many Romanesque churches and quaint granite squares.

  • Meals: BD
  • Standard Lodging: Ruas
  • Luxury Lodging: Parador Pontevedra

Day 5 : Hike Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (21km)

Visiting: Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Leaving Pontevedra, today, the Camino will take you through chestnut groves and pine and eucalyptus woods. In the village of Ponte Cabras you will see the rectory of Santa María de Alba.

At Lombo da Maceira, a statue of Saint James with his walking stick will show you the way. On your way to Caldas de Reis you will pass the hamlet of Tivo with its lovely fountain and public washing bath.

  • Meals: BD
  • Standard Lodging: O Cruceiro Center
  • Luxury Lodging: Torre do Rio Guest House

Day 6 : Hike Calas de Reis to Padron (19km)

Visiting: Calas de Reis, Padron

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) From Caldas de Reis you will cross the river Umia and find the hot springs that have given the town its name since Roman times. The trail once again takes you to forests and gradually climbs to the village of Santa Mariña.

You will continue on the Camino through pine forests to today’s destination: the town of Padrón. When the body of Saint James was being brought to Compostela by boat, Padrón was said to be the first land it reached.

  • Meals: BD
  • Standard Lodging: Hotel Scala
  • Luxury Lodging: Pazo de Lestrove

Day 7 : Hike Padron to Santiago (25km)

Visiting: Padron, Santiago

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Today you will walk through a number of small villages on your way to the historical sanctuary of A Esclavitude. Nearby on a hilltop sit the ruins of a fort known as Castro Lupario. As you make your way towards Agro dos Monteiros you will be able to see the spires of the cathedral in Compostela. You will pass the ruins of the castle of A Rocha Vella, as you approach Santiago de Compostela.

Take time to explore this gem of a city, small and vibrant. Its UNESCO listed old town will enchant you. In Santiago de Compostela you will find not only pilgrims but also locals and students, socializing and enjoying a few bites and glasses of wine in the many bars, restaurants and cozy cafes.

Dinner is included in the group tour.

  • Meals: B
  • Standard Lodging: Hospederia San martin Pinario
  • Luxury Lodging: Parador Reyes Catolicos

Day 8 : Depart Santiago

Visiting: Santiago

8-Day  Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Coastal Route) Use your remaining time to explore the beautiful old town in Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO heritage site since 1985 and home to one of the oldest universities in Spain.

You will be dropped back to Santiago airport where your guided tour with us will end.

Or, you can extend your trip in Santiago. Consider adding a day tour to Finisterre Day or Rias Baixas Day!

  • Meals: B

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