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About Morocco


The main languages in Morocco are Moroccan Arabic and French. English is also widely spoken by people working in the tourism industry.


The local currency in Morocco is the Dirham (MAD). Prices are often quoted in Euros (€) and converted to Dirhams based upon the exchange rate.

Most hotels and many restaurants accept major credit cards. ATMs are widely available in large cities like Marrakesh.

Useful Travel Websites

Telephone Calls

To dial internationally from Morocco, dial: 00 + area code + telephone number. Hotel receptionists will help you make calls.

When calling Morocco, you must dial the country code of 212.

Tri-band cell phones will work in most urban areas. You may also want to consider renting one or getting a global cell phone.


Morocco uses 220 volt current with a European plug.

Travel Alerts & Warnings

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