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Peru Testimonials

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You did a great job - the trip was fantastic and all your recommendations were spot on! Thank you for everything - it was all great! I loved Machu Picchu because it is so amazing and I have wanted to see this since I was 7 years old. But, as a family - we loved the Galapagos - so wonderful and interesting - we had a terrific outstanding guide - Omar, and everyone on our boat was so so fun and interesting and the crew could not have been nicer or more accommodating. We all felt pretty connected to each other after just the 5 days and we all felt pretty lucky to have this experience together.

Lisa D., MD, USA
6-Day Peru: Machu Picchu Tour by Train and 5-Day Galapagos Cruise, July-August 2017

It was also a pleasure to work with you. You were a very friendly and kind contactperson so keep up the good work! ;) I will definitely get in touch with you or check out your website the next time I'm traveling. )

Natasja K., Belgium
4-Day Amazon Rainforest, July 2017

I recommend you guys whenever possible, my first experience in Tanzania was so great which is why I opted for you guys for my Peru trip. Macchu Picchu was of course the highlight for us. Thank you, Gretchen, for all your amazing help and your thorough attention to all our questions and concerns. You helped make a bucket list dream come true and we couldn't have been happier with the service overall!! I look forward to the next adventure with you guys in the future! :)

Salma H., IL, USA
4-Day Machu Picchu via Vistadome Train, July 2017

Everything about the Jungle tour was great—tour guide, food, housing, etc. Thanks for your help in setting this up.  You were so quick to answer my questions and very helpful.  Thanks!

Cathie P., USA
4-Day Amazon Rainforest, July 2017

I would happily recommend Adventures Within Reach to anyone. I found everything to be great, communication was good, and all of the teams and accommodation you used you used were efficient and very friendly. I received excellent service from [AWR], something I was struggling to achieve face to face with travel agents in Australia. Our experiences were amazing. I would certainly use AWR again, when we are considering our next holiday (Kenya next year?).

Helen N., QLD, Australia
4-Day Amazon Rainforest + 5-Day Galapagos island Hopping, June-July 2017

We had a wonderful time and everything went so smoothly with your work and effort. Each hotel and transfer was perfect and every arrangement you made was just right! I would highly recommend AWR and more specifically you [Gretchen] for any Peru travels!!

Asha M., PA, USA
4-Day Amazon Rainforest + 7-Day Luxury Lodge to Lodge Salkantay, June 2017

We had a great time in the Amazon. Everything went smoothly. There was a little confusion with our flight leaving (I just think something got lost in translation), but the staff at the lodge handled everything for us and made sure we made the correct flight. The lodge itself was great! My favorite part of the trip were the excursions offered. We really enjoyed the canopy walk! The guide we were with, Freddy, was fantastic as well.

Renee K., PA, USA
3-Day Amazon Rainforest with Reserva Amazonica, June 2017

This was a memorable trip on many levels and I was so pleased to be part of this amazing adventure. Many people have asked about the trip and I tell them check out AWR and they won't be disappointed.

Jennie E., FL, USA
11-Day Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, May 2017

Such an amazing trip. I have been telling everyone about AWR and would love to take another of your tours. I will never forget the wonderful people we met in Peru. And of course the incredible group of women I traveled with who made it so much more than it would have been without them. 

Julie S., USA
11-Day Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, May 2017

I would definitely recommend [Adventures Within Reach]. My favorite part of the trip was the piranha fishing, and the friends we made during this excursion. We exchanged information and will keep in touch. We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of happy people! Oh, and we saw so many amazing animals.

Christina P., NC, USA
3-Day Amazon Rainforest, May 2017

Just wanted to thank you for booking one of the most wonderful trips ever!  Our recent trip with Mountain Lodges of Peru through the Lares Valley and Macchu Picchu far exceeded our expectations. Everything was so well organized and we feel fortunate that this was our introduction to South America.  The lodges were first-rate. We also enjoyed the Reserva Amazonica very much. Thank you for all your help and suggestions.  I will continue to praise Adventures Within Reach and send people your way!

Martina K., CA, USA
11-Day Lares Luxury Lodge Adventure Trek and Machu Picchu, May 2017

[The Hacienda Concepcion] was luxury. Service was impeccable, food was delicious, beds were comfy, and the bathrooms were better/nicer than anything I have access to here at home!

The hand-off between you and Barbara was flawless. Both of your response times were quick and you have both been knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions. Communication has been effortless and lovely. I'm not sure I can figure out a way that you guys could be better, I've been super pleased with the entire experience! 

Anna B., GA, USA
4-Day Amazon Excursion, May 2017

It was a fast-paced trip. I loved how much we got to see and do. We got great feedback from the students as well. Favorite stories: so many – everything from our train falling off the tracks on our way back to Cusco to seeing a sloth in the rainforest. Getting monumental rain at Machu Picchu and all of the wonderful pictures!

Ashley B., AZ, USA
7-Day Andes, Incas, and Amazon Group Trip for 22 People, May 2017

I had a wonderful time and almost everything exceeded my expectations - you were tremendously helpful in my preparations, [the guide] was fabulous, my co-trekkers were so welcoming, the porters and cook on the trek were mind-blowingly good.

Cindy W., GA, USA
10-Day Peru with the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, April-May 2017

Our favorite part of the Peruvian Amazon was the add-on of the kayaking. We opted to do that one afternoon in lieu of the botanical garden excursion. It was amazing. Our main guide Uriel was great too, he was very knowledgeable, spoke great English, and was a perfect match for us. I can't really think of any suggestions for improvement, you did an amazing job. I will definitely strongly consider AWR for future trips.

Eric P., CA, USA
3-Day Amazon Rainforest, March 2017

Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu [was m]ore than we expected. Very impressive. We chose to tour Machu Picchu top to bottom in one day. We walked to the museum on day two and visited with other interesting people who were on tour like us.

Jim H., IL, USA
Lima City Tour, 1/2 Day-Cusco City Tour, Machu Picchu Tour by Train
February 2017

I just wanted to thank you again for your recommendation to Hacienda Concepcion. It truly was a spectacular experience. The staff and facilities are just amazing. We will definitely be back and will be sure to go through you. Thanks for everything.

Trish P., Ontario, Canada
3-Day Amazon Rainforest
January 2017

The best tour of the trip was the lake sandoval trip, we saw river otters (which are normally hard to spot), macaws, and plenty of other animals. It was amazing and our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The accommodation was also impeccable, and their service was highly commendable, we were treated like royalty! All the meals were absolutely delicious and they always managed to cater to my allergies which was great!

[W]e have already recommended the company to a number of other people who have asked us about our tour in the Amazon, it is very affordable and an amazing few days.

Kate J., New South Wales, Australia
3-Day Amazon Rainforest
January 2017

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