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Peru: Tipping

Tipping Recommendations

These guidelines are just suggestion -- tipping is subject to service received.

Tours & Transfers

  • Restaurants: 10-15% of bill
  • Hotel Bell Boys: $1.50/person/day
  • Drivers: $10/group/day
  • Tour Guides (private, full day tour): $20-40/group/day
  • Tour Guides (group, full day tour): $10/person/day
  • Transfer Agent: $10/group

Inca Trail & Treks

  • Trek guide (for the entire trek): $100-$120 per group for 5-day trek.  You will have one guide per 8 persons in your group.
  • Head cook (for the trek): $50 per group for 5-day trek
  • Toilet man and tent man (for the trek) (these are porters with specialized jobs): $30 each, per group.
  • Porters (for the trek): $20 each, per group.  You can estimate that you will have 2-3 porters per person in your group. Note that the toilet man and tent man are porters; you would tip them only US$30, not $30 plus $20.
  • Mule driver (for the trek): $40 per group for a 5-day trek
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