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1-Day Sacred Valley Organic Gardening from Cusco (full day)

Sacred Valley Organic Gardening from Cusco (full day) -- Trip Photo of Peru tour  Peru map

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Day 1 : A visit to an organic farm, participate in the farming, lunch of organic foods.

Visiting: Cusco, Sacred Valley

We will leave Cusco in the morning on the road to Lamay, which is a 50 minutes travel. The organic farmers will wait for us in one of the local farms - the one settled on for that day?s labor. Ponchos, flowers and organic crops will show the colors of the community, and we will be introduced to our local master, who will explain to us their traditions and local activities that are geared towards the ecological recovery of the valley. After a short briefing we will start with the ?Ayni?, or traditional group work. We will divide the labor according to the season and crop requirements. Sometimes we will be planting, other times harvesting, and other times fertilizing organically, weeding or irrigating. We will use traditional agriculture tools used by the Andean farmers, such as chaquitaclla, tuki, and eventually, the Yunta.

We will do a short hike to Erapampa, production centre of APEL an organic vegetable farm, where you will be able to pick up some veggies and help prepare a Natural country lunch, or just relax until it is ready, and enjoy! Food supplies are all organic.

After a relaxing afternoon return to Cusco or to our lodging in the Sacred Valley.

Fixed departure: Every Wednesday

Duration: 8 hours

  • Meals: L

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