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6-Day Vilcabamba Trek: The Search for the Lost City of the Incas

Vilcabamba Trek:  The Search for the Lost City of the Incas -- Trip Photo of Peru trek  Peru map

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This rugged trek to the remote Vilcabamba ruins is a challenge! You will be able to explore the area that was Hiram Bingham's goal in the early 1900's. End the trek with a visit to Machu Picchu.

Itinerary in Brief

  • DAY 1: Drive to Huancacalle, hike to Vitcos, camp overnight at Huancacalle.
  • DAY 2: Hike to Racachaqa, camp overnight.
  • DAY 3: Hike to Lacoqocha, camp overnight.
  • DAY 4: Hike to Santa Teresa, camp overnight at Cola de Mono Adventure Center
  • DAY 5: Hike to Llaqtapata ruins and on to Hidroelectrica, or zip line and drive to Hidroelectrica, train to Aguas Calientes, overnight.
  • DAY 6: Shuttle, entrance and guided tour of Machu Picchu, afternoon return to Cusco.


  • early Inca Trail and ruins (the Lost City of the Incas)
  • spectacular scenery
  • Machu Picchu

LOCATIONS: Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu

ACTIVITIES: Mountain Trekking

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