Ladakh: Tibet’s Mirror Image in Northern India

LadakhIt’s a tragic reality that of the more than 6,000 Buddhist monasteries standing in Tibet prior to Chinese occupation,  only a handful remain intact. The situation is radically different in the surreal mountain landscapes of Ladakh (sometimes referred to as “Little Tibet”) in northern India: here Tibetan Buddhists have been allowed to practice uninterrupted for centuries and many ancient monasteries endure here untouched except by time. Tibetan culture in the form of its religion, food, music,  dances, and language are all safely practiced and preserved in Ladakh, making the region an intriguing alternative for travelers interested in experiencing Tibet though leery about Chinese travel restrictions or who may be feeling ambivalent about the political ramifications of travel in Tibet and China.

We are excited to introduce a very special 11-day Taste of Ladakh tour that visits many of the most alluring Tibetan Buddhist monasteries found in Ladakh. We travel to Hemis, Shey, Thiksey, Spituk, Phyang, Basago, Likir, and Lamayuru monasteries and journey through the wildly rugged and arid landscape of the Western Tibet Plateau. Uniquely, while most of India is inundated with monsoon rains and heat through the summer months, Ladakh falls within the rain shadow of the mighty Himalayas, so travel here is especially pleasant from June-September, a time when other parts of India are best avoided due to intense heat and rain. Sparsely populated, Ladakh is among the highest inhabited regions of the world, and while on our excursions, we’ll encounter the area’s traditional people and experience their customs along the way.  In fact, we can calibrate your trip dates to coincide with one of several major (and very colorful) festivals in Leh, accentuating the cultural discovery you’ll enjoy here.

Your trip can begin on any day of the tourist season, which runs roughly from mid-May through September.  While it’s best from a value-standpoint to travel with a friend or as a couple, we can help a solo traveler to Ladakh (or anyone who’d like to bring a group). We can customize the itinerary to include a visit to the splendid Taj Mahal and our Ladakh trip also makes a wonderful addition to any Nepal or Bhutan tour. The hotels are all very nice mid-range hotels though travelers wanting truly luxury properties are encouraged to contact us for a custom quote.  More adventurous and active travelers can consider an extended trek with us to more remote areas like the fascinating Markha Valley. No matter how you choose to visit Ladakh, we hope you have an opportunity to visit this singular region with us; you will not be disappointed!

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