Announcing 2021-2022 Antarctica Dates & Rates

Antarctica Expedition Trips

Few life experiences can come even remotely close to the absolute thrill of expedition voyaging to the last great wilderness in the world, Antarctica. Whether it’s sitting in the midst of an animated penguin family or gazing upon the majestic skyscraper-sized icebergs that float your way, a treasure trove of amazement awaits the Antarctic traveler.

Adventures Within Reach is pleased to announce the new 2021-2022 Antarctica expedition dates. To make sure you get on the exact trip sailing in the exact Antarctica Expedition Cruise Vessel and kind of cabin you’d prefer, we urge you to book early and start the clock on the trip of your lifetime as early as possible.

On each of our different Antarctica Expedition Itineraries >>, we have listed the 2021-2022 dates below the 2020-2021 season offerings. Many have prices for the more basic cabins, such as sharing a quad cabin, or booking a twin cabin. However for upgraded cabins, or unique cabin types (for example, 3 travelers booking a triple, or a couple looking for a suite), contact us for the specific pricing. Past travelers of ours get the added advantage of using your special AWR past traveler discount privileges towards the expedition rate.

Whales in Antarctica
Humpback whale, breaching, Antarctica

While there are other highly specialized kinds of expeditions, such as the Weddell Sea and Ross Sea emperor penguin voyages, that we can help you with, the most popular expeditions are the 10-12 day Classic Antarctica, the 12-13 day Basecamp Antarctica, the 8 day Antarctica Fly/Cruise, and the longer Antarctica, Falklands, and South Georgia expeditions.

11-Day Emperor Penguin Voyage in the Weddell Sea
Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetlands, Danco Island

Classic Antarctica expeditions generally range from 10-12 days, and focus on the rugged Antarctic peninsula and the wildlife-rich outer islands surrounding the peninsula. The main advantage of the Classic voyages are they the least expensive of the expedition options out there. Solo travelers have options to share in excellent-value quad cabins or twin cabins, while couples have the choice of twin cabins or further upgrades into Superior cabins and the like. All cabins are outside cabins with views and come with private bath and comfortable berths.

10-Day Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

The 8-day Fly/Cruise expeditions are among the most elite travel experiences on Earth. Being one of the more expensive options for the region, they have the dual advantage of being the shortest expedition we offer and also the one and only way to experience the majestic wildlife of the region without having to sail the Drake’s Passage, normally a 2-day affair coming and going, by flying to Antarctica.

12-Day Active Basecamp Antarctica

Basecamp expeditions – which generally run 12-13 days – are often the preferred choice for the most adventurous travelers. These unique expeditions include the classic wildlife of the region, educational lectures, and exciting zodiac cruising – just like the standard voyages – plus a variety of other awesome experiences included with the rates: sea kayaking, camping, mountaineering, snowshoe hikes, and popular photo workshops.

19-Day Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falklands Expedition

Antarctica, Falklands, and South Georgia expeditions are the “grand prize” for those with the time and budget to do them. Often 19-20-21 days long, these majestic long voyages hit a greater variety of sites and habitats, netting an even wider variety of wildlife and historical places than the standard Peninsula-focused expeditions.

For more information about any of the expeditions or the vessels, check availability, get detailed day-to-day itineraries or specific cabin rates on the many options you have, or anything else related to these unparalleled journeys, please contact us. We hope we can help you experience the real greatest show on Earth: Antarctica!

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