Colombia Where to Go

Now that peace once again is prevailing in tropical Colombia, we can expect a lot of surprised (and very excited) travelers returning to tell the tale of this remarkably diverse, up-and-coming country. Colombia – home to about 50 million people, and larger than France – is bounded by 2 oceans, is home to Pantanal-like areas and Amazon rainforests, is loaded with mountains and charming colonial towns, and in its heart, beats the lush green coffee region it’s so famous for. Like they say, coming to Colombia is discovering a completely new world. Whether you join us for its rich archeology, tropical climes, wonderfully preserved colonial cities, it’s beaches or the mountains,you’ll suddenly find yourself ranking Colombia among the top 10 destinations of your life. This is a rapidly developing and friendly country, with tourism quickly becoming one of its prime industries. The nation has so much amazing potential. Join us on the cutting edge of travel and come see what we see in Colombia. Untouched compared to ever-popular Peru, more developed than Ecuador, notably closer to the US than Chile and Argentina, and more diverse than Costa Rica and Panama, Colombia has highlights similar to what you’ll find in all of those countries in one package.

Main experiences and places of interest include:

  • National parks dedicated to trekking and nature
  • Rugged Andes mountains
  • Perfectly preserved colonial cities
  • Beaches
  • Major archeology sites
  • Big city nightlife and major museums
  • Mountain biking
  • Road biking
  • Coffee regions
  • Hot springs and wild rivers
  • Rainforests, including vast swaths of the Amazon
  • Pantanal-like zones
  • Horse riding
  • Scuba
  • Fishing
  • Bird watching – considered some of the best in th world, with over 1850 species
  • Wildlife
  • Unique cultures ranging from remote Amazon tribes to indigenous coastal peoples to unique customs like Tejo parties
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