Get Fit At Home For your Next Trip!

Travel to Machu Picchu
AWR at Machu Picchu

We have put together some of our favorite training materials that will help get you in shape, maintain fitness, and reach potential fitness goals — even at home. Whether you are training for a serious trek or gentle walking, here are some at-home workouts for you to enjoy.

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1) Fit For Trips — Customized Workout Programs

Fit For Trips, in collaboration with Adventures Within Reach, has developed fitness programs specific to your itinerary to ensure that you have the adventure of a lifetime.  A Fit For Trips program will be customized specifically for you to make the most of the activities in your itinerary.

  • Select from 4-, 8-, or 12-week training programs
  • Choose home-based or gym-based training
  • Choose the resistance program that fits your level of experience
  • Instruction by audio, video, and personal support
  • Customization available for at-home quarantine, injuries, etc.
  • Example Workout: Hiking Training Plan Leg Workout Made Simple: 3 Step Workout Plan

Get started today and be fit for your trip!  For more information, and to receive a special 25% discount, go to Fit For Trips.

AWR Inca Trail

2) Online Video Workouts

Our South America and Spain program director, Gretchen, is a mountaineer and rock climber and shares her favorite free online workout videos here:

  • 35 Min Full Body Workout | No Equipment Bodyweight
  • 32 Min Full Body Workout No Equipment | Toning & Calorie Burning
  • 23 Minute Ab Workout | Rock Hard Abs Workout

3) Work Out Apps — Staff Selected

  • Sweat (Gretchen says, “I was hesitant about this one because you have to pay a monthly fee, but I have used it now to keep in shape for mountaineering over the winter months for the past two years and it never lets me down. The work outs change every week and you have a wide selection of types of work outs and challenges as well. I have been using this during quarantine and it has been awesome!”)
  • Strava (Free or paid membership- track your runs, ski trips and bike rides and meet others through the app’s community)
AWR Everest Base Camp Trek

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Torres del Paine
AWR Traditional W-Trek in Torres del Paine, Patagonia

5) BLOG: Tips For Altitude Acclimatization in Peru >>

AWR Sunrise at Machu Picchu

Thanks again AWR travelers for staying positive and please feel free to share your personal favorite at-home work outs with us so we can share those with other travelers!

-Your friendly AWR team

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1 Response to Get Fit At Home For your Next Trip!

  1. Gary Coombs says:

    Hi all,

    While apps and videos are great, we have always prepared for our treks for free in and around our locality. We “climb” the “massive” 40m (120 foot) hill behind our house over and over again – think of it as circuit training. 5 times up and down is about 200m of “ups” and “downs” and nearly 5 miles; 10 times would be perhaps 8 miles and 400m. Add a backpack with 10 to 20kg and you get quite a workout. Add trekking poles and do it Nordic-walking style and you get a fuller workout.

    Here in the UK, while “unnecessary travel” is banned, meaning we cannot get far from home, we are encouraged by the government to get out and exercise in the local area (whatever local means) once a day as long as we keep to the social distancing rules.

    We can do our version of free circuit training quite easily while adhering to those rules and in a 90 minute, 5 mile “hike” might have to pass only 10 or 20 people.

    So, subject to the rules on social distancing and leaving your home wherever you live, I would suggest doing something free and local in the same way you would when training for any other trek or adventure. It might get a bit boring after weeks of seeing the same paths and cracks in the ground but at least you are out in the open and exercising the muscles you need for walking and trekking on your next adventure.

    Stay safe and stay healthy


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