Expedition Dreaming: 20% Off Antarctica Fly/Cruises!

8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise
Welcome to Antarctica!



In unparalleled times like these, sometimes holding on to a dream is what can help us get through them. Uniquely, our trusted Antarctica 8-day Fly/Cruise partner is trying to inspire travelers through 2 unique special offer opportunities to join one of the most elite, legendary experiences on planet Earth. You must book by June 30, 2020!

  1. 20% off for 2020-2021 Season
  2. Refundable Deposit for 2021-2022 Season
8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise
In Antarctica, you’ll get to know some of the greatest naturalist guides in the world

Option #1: 20% Off in 2020-2021

Here’s how it works: Just contact us and provide us your first and last names, before or by June 30, 2020. In July, we will send you one 20% off certificate per person (or per couple) with each passenger name listed on it. There is no cost for the certificate. We will need to have this certificate when you make the reservation with us for the cruise you pick from a select, specific group of 2020-2021 expedition dates that we will announce on September 1, 2020.

Prices start at $13,495/person — specific prices vary by ship, departure date, and cabin type. You can can book on any of those listed cruises and get the 20% discount. You can technically book anytime after September 1st, however the sooner the better so you can take advantage of the greater variety of trips and cabin types still available. The departures will be in the 2020/2021 sailing season ending in February 2021. Once you decide which departure you want, then a $2,500 per person non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.

8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise
Snowshoeing and sea kayaking are among the fun outdoor options on the fly/cruises

Option #2: Looking at 2021-2002 instead? Refundable deposits are now an option.

For uncertain travelers seeking to postpone a fly/cruise expedition until the following 2021-2022 sailing season, we have an easy option to keep your Antarctic dreams alive without financial risk to you in the short term. Travelers who wish to book a 2021-2022 expedition can do so with a special lower $1,000/person fully refundable deposit, 100% refundable up to August 31, 2020. After that, this special lower deposit would revert to non-refundable status. This lower deposit is applicable for Antarctica fly/cruise expeditions scheduled between November 2021 until the end of February 2022. Once the dust settles, we expect a rush on spaces for the fly cruises, which in the recent past, would usually fill up about 1 year in advance. This lower deposit will get you on the fly/cruise small ship of your choice, on the exact sailing date and in the cabin type you prefer. There is simply no better way to avoid disappointment than planning far ahead like this.

8-Day Antarctica Fly/Cruise
The unique wildlife in a forbidden paradise like Antarctica simply cannot be beat!

To learn more about the rugged yet uber-comfortable small vessels used on the 8-day fly/cruises, please contact us for details or take a look at our Antarctica expedition vessel pages. Check out potential expedition dates and the day-to-day itinerary 8-Day Fly/Cruise Antarctica Expedition. Photos and others specifics on cabin types are available on request, as are specific prices and any other information you would like. We hope you can take advantage of one of these offers soon. Nothing gives us hope quite like a world-class exciting adventure awaiting us right around the corner!

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