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Brazil Tours & Treks

Trips to Brazil: amazon

We offer trips to Brazil for travelers interested in visiting some of the country's most exciting regions. Adventure to the glittering Iguazu Falls, swim with pink dolphins and tree climb in the canopy of the Amazon, trek along ancient sand dunes and bathe in hidden lagoons in Lencois de Maranhenses, snorkel and rappel into caves in Bonito, trek past table-top mountains and swim under waterfalls in Chapada Diamantina, track jaguars and see some of the continent's rarest birds in the Pantanal, or dance the night away to the samba beats in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has something for everyone- come enjoy this treasure trove of adventure in the heart of South America!

6-Day Secrets and Spices of the Amazon Staff Pick Join A Group

Community-based foodie and cultural tour in the Amazon!

Starting at $990/person

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5-Day Complete Amazon: Boat Expedition Best Seller

Board a private vessel and explore the heart of the mighty Amazon!

Starting at $695/person

Overview | Itinerary | Pricing

4-Day Amazon Immersion: Jungle Adventure

Jungle trekking, piranhas fishing and visiting local communities in the Amazon

Starting at $595/person

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3-Day Unique Amazon Bungalow Adventure

Explore the Amazon from your own river bungalow!

Starting at $430/person

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