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Brazil tour

4-Day River Snorkel and Waterfall Walks

River Snorkel and Waterfall Walks -- Trip Photo of Brazil tour  Brazil map

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Day 1 : Arrival in Campo Grande and transfer to Bonito

Visiting: Bonito

Airport arrival at Campo Grande, from where we’ll transfer to Bonito, a small village in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul surrounded by extraordinary nature.

  • Meals:
  • Budget Lodging: Pousada Pirá Miúna

Day 2 : River Snorkeling at Rio da Prata + Taboa Cachaça Visit

Visiting: Bonito

In the morning we leave the hotel bound for a fascinating tour that takes place amid various schools of fish in the Recanto Ecológico do Rio da Prata. When we get there we will receive guidance and equipment (mask, snorkel, life jacket, neoprene clothing and rubber sneakers - included). We will be surrounded by piraputangas, dourados, curimbatás, piaus, matogrossinhos and other fish in the area. On the way, we will stop at Vulcão Olho d’Água, a place where we can snorkel to feel the water that flows from the bottom of the river until we meet with the Rio da Prata and follow the last stretch floating in water or on a support boat.

On the way back we’ll participate in two workshops, including an experience with clay and working with cattail straw, understanding the manufacture of coated bottles and other handicrafts. There is also a passage through the garden, where we’ll get to see over 50 different herbs. The tour ends with tasting twenty varieties of Taboa cachaça and a visit to the store where we can purchase unique bottles of Taboa, plus unique handicrafts made at the factory. We return to Bonito for the night.

  • Meals: B
  • Budget Lodging: Pousada Pirá Miúna

Day 3 : Waterfalls at Fazenda Ceita Corê

Visiting: Bonito

In the morning we visit the fazenda Ceita Corê, in Tupi-Guarani language "Land of my children." The farm has one of the most beautiful and traditional headquarters of the region, with a house on the edge of a crystal clear lake, where visitors can take a boat trip to see where River Chapena is born. A trail of approx. 1800 meters in the riparian forest of Rio Chapeninha will lead us to six waterfalls formed by calcareous tufa, small caves, and natural pools. A typical lunch is served at the farmhouse which has a bar and restaurant, toilets, sand volleyball court, pool, game table, hammocks, and gift shop.

  • Meals: BL
  • Budget Lodging: Pousada Pirá Miúna

Day 4 : Departure

Visiting: Bonito

Transfer to Campo Grande airport for departure to your next destination.

  • Meals: B

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