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Getting to Cuba

Arriving From Abroad

We will book your international flight to Cuba from Miami using a licensed charter company authorized to provide U.S. citizens with legal flights direct to Cuba. As these are charter flights, you won’t find these flights available online or through a commercial U.S. airline. The flight from Miami to Havana takes roughly 45 minutes. The plane is typically a Boeing 737 jet, which is six seats wide, three seats on each row.

Your charter flight is an additional cost to the tour cost. This cost includes:

  1. Roundtrip charter flight Miami to Cuba
  2. Baggage check fee (please see Baggage section for more details)
  3. Tourist travel visa to Cuba
  4. Cuban airport departure tax

Prior to flying to Cuba, you will need to arrive in Miami. Our itineraries always include 1 night in Miami prior to your flight date to Cuba. We can arrange a post-Cuba Miami hotel night on request for extra cost.

All travelers are responsible for their domestic flights to/from Miami. As with the nature of charter flights and travel to Cuba, we recommend booking your return ticket from Miami no less than three hours before our scheduled return time in Miami. We will do our best to inform you as soon as possible of the flight times for your charter flight so that you can book your domestic travel to/from Miami.

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