Cuba When To Go

When To Go

We recommend planning your trip a year in advance or more, if at all possible.  While it’s a year-round destination, most travelers would find it far more comfortable November through March (into early April). If you don’t mind high humidity and high temperatures, other months can be enjoyable since it’s less crowded yet life goes on here without skipping a beat.

Cuba is a tropical climate. Prepare for days in the temperatures of 70-85 degrees in the winter, with warmer, more humid climates in the spring, summer and fall. The drop in temperatures at night during the winter is noticeable, so please pack a light jacket, fleece or sweater. While rainstorms are highly infrequent and usually over quickly, feel free to pack a rain jacket or an umbrella, which also can come in handy for bright, sunny days.


The official Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs June 1 through November 30 every year, with generally the most likely months to see activity being August, September, and October. That said, the actual number of Caribbean hurricanes varies greatly from year to year, and the chances of a journey being interrupted by a hurricane or severe tropical storm are relatively modest no matter when you travel in the region. If you have any concerns, just plan accordingly and avoid the hurricane season entirely.

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