Gorilla Trekking FAQ

How much are Gorilla Permits?

Gorilla Permits in Uganda are $600/person/day through June 30, 2020.  Starting July 1, 2020, they are $700/person/day.

Gorilla Permits in Rwanda are $1500/person/day.

What is the best time of year to go gorilla trekking?

While there are rainy seasons in Uganda and Rwanda, it is certainly possible to go gorilla trekking year round. The rainy seasons are typically around March to April and October to November, although this varies slightly from year to year. One perk of doing your trek during the rainy season is that it rarely rains all day (mostly just at night and in the mornings) and you’ll avoid most crowds.

What are my chances of seeing gorillas on a trek?

Although there are no firm guarantees that you will always see gorillas on your trekking adventure, there is an over 95% chance that you will! The odds of encountering gorillas are so high because of the forest ranger’s constant monitoring of their whereabouts and knowledge of their patterns and habits.

Is gorilla trekking safe?

While tracking wild animals is inherently unpredictable, gorilla trekking is widely considered to be a safe activity, as long as you follow proper procedures, listen to your guides and their instructions, and understand your role in the activity.

Best Tips & Advice For Your Gorilla Trekking Adventure

  • Secure your gorilla tracking permits early
  • Be honest with your guides about any physical limitations or fitness concerns
  • Listen carefully to your guide’s instruction during pre-trip briefings
  • Wear the proper clothing and bring a rain jacket
  • Be sure you have the correct shoes (we recommend strong, high-top leather boots)
  • Bring extra batteries for cameras – this is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll want to capture
  • Eat a good breakfast before your trek and bring enough food, snacks, and water for 8+ hour
  • Voice any concerns you may have to your guides before the trek begins
  • Lastly, be sure you enjoy this incredible adventure to the fullest
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