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Visas For Travel to India

For U.S. citizens, besides needing a passport, please know you are required to apply for and receive your official Indian Tourist Visa while in the USA, before you go. Visas are not available upon arrival for U.S. citizens. The State Department has a good overview of Visa requirements for India.


You will need to arrange your India visa ahead of time. You cannot get the visa at the airport. You will need to email AWR a scan of your passport photo page. If you are entering India more than once (for example, before and after Bhutan), you will need to get a multiple entry visa.


Most travelers get their visa upon arrival at the Kathmandu Airport. People need to bring 2 passport-sized photos. Fill out the application at the airport and have $40/person in cash. You will need to email AWR a scan of your passport photo page.


We will arrange for the visa in Bhutan. The visa will be delivered to their hotel the day before flying to Bhutan. Travelers do not need to bring photos or cash for the visa. You will need to email AWR a scan of your passport photo page. We will then send you the Bhutan visa authorization letter two weeks before the trip date, which you will have to carry when flying to Paro. When flying to Bhutan, you should also carry a printed copy of the tickets along with your passports.


If traveling to Tibet from Kathmandu, we will arrange for the Chinese visa and Tibet Travel Permit. Travelers need to plan on at least 3 full business days in Kathmandu before flying to Lhasa. To be on the safe side, we recommend travelers book at least 4 nights in Kathmandu in case of flight delays or other problems. Everyone should bring 2 passport-size photos and fill out the Chinese visa application (we will provide). The Chinese visa is $200/person, which you pay in cash in Kathmandu.

If traveling to Tibet from China (Chengdu), travelers need to arrange their Chinese visa ahead of time on their own (and do not mention traveling to Tibet). We will arrange the Tibet Travel Permit, which is included in the trip price. No photos or application are required.

You will need to email AWR a scan of your passport photo page.

Need Help with your Passport and Visa

To obtain the most current entry requirements for your upcoming trip, please contact CIBTvisas or call CIBT at 800-577-2428.  Be sure to reference CIBT Account 55520 for reduced CIBT service fees.

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