Antarctica Testimonials

Hard to say [what was my favorite part of the trip] because every two hours there was a new highlight!! Top parts were the mountaineering for sure, ice climbing, kayaking and the animals. I really liked the fact there was quite a few younger people on this trip. I’m 35 and travel alone. I was worried there was going to be mostly couples and older folk traveling and that was not the case. There was that of course but I think about half the group was my age or younger and there was quite a few people traveling on their own as well so it was easier to make friends.

Kristy Q.
12-day Antarctica Cruise, February – March 2016

The trip was outstanding! I honestly can’t think of anything I would change! The guides and people we interacted with were outstanding!

Being able to see the Antarctic wildlife was also just stunning. Where else can you kayak and have schools of 30 penguins (or so) cruising and jumping out of the water next to you? Everything is just so beautiful!

One of the many highlights of our trip to Antarctica was the opportunity to go camping on the continent. Being able to have light 24 hours a day eliminated the need for flashlights and the scenery of being able to see the mountains named Snow White and the seven dwarfs was tough to beat anywhere. The double sleeping bags with a bivy cover along with pads kept you plenty warm. And besides where else in the world can you go camping and have penguins strutting up to you and checking you out. If the penguins could talk, what would they say?

Thanks for helping us set up the trip.  It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Wes N.
12-day Antarctica Cruise on the Plancius, December 2012

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