Europe Tipping

Tipping in Europe can be confusing because there are no standard rules. Ultimately, the amount you tip is at your discretion, taking into account the level of the service provided and your satisfaction with that service. Tips and gratuities are not included in the cost of your trip.

Tipping your guide is appreciated. On completion of your trip, you may wish to acknowledge their efforts, professionalism, and contribution to your experience. We recommend €10 per person per day per guide. It is also customary in Italy to pay for your guide’s lunches during excursions, though this is not compulsory.

At restaurants and bars, it is customary to leave between 5% and 10% of your bill. If you enjoyed excellent service, a larger tip is welcome.

Tipping cab drivers is appreciated, especially if they helped you with luggage, or shared information along the way that has enhanced your experience. We recommend €5 for short rides of 15-20 minutes, and a little more for longer rides (€10, or more if you have particularly enjoyed the service and the driver’s company). For extended transfers of 2-3 hours or more, we recommend €20.

Again, all tipping is solely at your discretion.

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