Antarctica Ship: Hondius


The 174-passenger M/v Hondius, launching in the summer of 2019, is the first-registered Polar Class 6 vessel in the world, meeting the latest and highest Lloyd’s Register demands for ice-strengthened cruise vessels. Hondius also exceeds the requirements of the Polar Code as adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), allowing you to enjoy the polar regions as much as possible while impacting them as little as possible. Upon completion, Hondius is the most flexible, advanced, innovative ice-strengthened vessel in the polar regions. It is optimized for exploratory voyages that provide you the utmost first-hand contact with the Arctic and Antarctica.

The Hondius offers high-quality accommodation in a wide range of cabin styles, including:

  • 1 spacious suite (35 square meters, 377 square feet)
  • 6 grand suites with balconies (27 square meters, 291 square feet)
  • 8 junior suites (19 to 20 square meters, 205 to 215 square feet)
  • 8 superior cabins (20 to 21 square meters, 215 to 226 square feet)
  • 11 twin deluxe cabins, (19 to 21 square meters, 205 to 226 square feet)
  • 14 twin window cabins (12 to 14 square meters, 129 to 151 square feet)
  • 28 twin porthole cabins
  • 2 triple porthole cabins
  • 4 quadruple porthole cabins that vary in size from 12 to 18 square meters, or 129 to 194 square feet

One deck consists of a large observation lounge and separate lecture room, which are reserved for a wide variety of interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances particular to Hondius. Though elegantly designed in stylish mid-century modern decor, this vessel enjoys a distinctive cozy and informal atmosphere.


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