Preparation Checklist

So you have decided to go on your next adventure! Here’s a list of what to do next.

6 Months Or More Prior to Departure

  • Reserve your trip with Adventures Within Reach and make deposit.
  • Make flight reservations.
  • Purchase travel insurance within 2 weeks of trip deposit.
  • Obtain or renew passport — Double-check your passport. It needs to be valid 6 months past your trip, and you need at least 2 blank pages per country visited.
  • See your physician regarding physical exam, immunizations, training schedule, travel and high altitude advice, and medications.
  • Begin physical fitness training.
  • “Like” Adventures Within Reach on Facebook and Instagram, and tell everyone about your trip!
  • Get excited!

3 Months Prior to Departure

  • Review the packing list and buy necessary clothing and equipment — don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Check your camera and video equipment. Prepare to upgrade or buy more disks or batteries.
  • Continue physical fitness training.

2 Months Prior to Departure

  • Make final payment to Adventures Within Reach.
  • Obtain all necessary visas.
  • Inform Adventures Within Reach of dietary restrictions, medical conditions, and rental equipment needed.
  • Learn to speak a few phrases of the local language.
  • Buy a book on your destination.

1 Month Prior to Departure

  • Make copies of passport, visas, drivers license, airline tickets/schedule, travel itinerary, credit cards (front and back), frequent flyer numbers, travel insurance, and emergency contact information. Leave a copy with someone at home and email them to yourself (or store in Cloud). Put copies of your travel itinerary in each checked bag.
  • Create a travel folder with
    1. Reservation Confirmation
    2. Flight Documents
    3. Emergency Contacts
    4. Vaccination Records (if necessary)
    5. Printable Packing List (if necessary)
    6. Travel Insurance Info
  • Obtain cash and travelers checks.
  • Stop mail, newspapers, deliveries.
  • Prepay bills.
  • Arrange for care of house, pets, lawn, and plants (or arrange for house sitting).

1 day – 1 week prior to or day of departure

  • Advise bank of foreign credit card use.
  • Advise home alarm company of absence.
  • Put lights on timer.
  • Empty refrigerator.
  • Reconfirm/check-in for international flights, double-check seat assignments.
  • Turn down heat/air conditioning/water heater.
  • Lock all doors and windows, leave key with neighbor.

Begin the adventure of a lifetime!

Upon Return

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