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We highly recommend travel insurance!  You have made a significant investment in your travel plans and, while in most cases everything will run smoothly, situations may arise on or before your trip that are outside of our control as your travel agent and for which we cannot be held responsible. Travel insurance may help make your trip more worry free by protecting your investment and yourself.

CORONAVIRUS – The only way to get travel insurance protection due to Coronavirus is to get “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage (CFAR).  This is an extra price and must be purchased early, typically 7 days after making your first trip payment (depending on provider).  Note that if you truly cancel for any reason (not a normally covered reason, like Coronavirus), it will only cover 50-75% of nonrefundable trip costs.  You will want to confirm with the provider you choose.  Make sure your insurance covers hotel and medical expenses if you are quarantined while traveling.

Travel insurance should cover such losses as:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption (due to sickness/death of you, family member, or travel companion)
  • Emergency Medical Transportation (minimum of $100,000)
  • Trip and Baggage Delay (including missed connections)
  • Lost or Stolen Baggage
  • Doctor and Hospital Payments
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Weather delays

Residents of U.S. and Canada:

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  • To cover pre-existing conditions, you will need to buy travel insurance 7-21 days from your first trip deposit depending on the insurance company.
  • Cover the full time of your trip — door to door.
  • For a medical emergency or evacuation, contact insurance company before getting service if at all possible.   They have preferred suppliers and may not cover non-preferred.
  • Travel insurance does not cover some activities without a surcharge — scuba diving, rock climbing, hot air ballooning.
  • Some companies offer boutique products like “cancel for work reasons,” “adventure activities”, or “cancel for any reason”.
  • Most policies are primary coverage and have no deductible.  You will save receipts and then submit when you return.
  • Most U.S. medical policies do not cover travelers internationally, so double-check if you are relying on that.
  • Credit cards may cover some travel emergency expenses.  Check coverage and exclusions, and if they are primary or secondary.
  • If you want specific coverage (pre-existing conditions, scuba), call the insurance company to confirm coverage and try to get it in writing.
  • Give someone at home a copy of your policy in case you need help contacting the insurance company.
  • If something is stolen, get a police report, and keep documentation for any medical services. These items will speed up any claims.
  • Pregnancy is not covered by most travel insurance companies.

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