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Bhutan FAQ

Is it difficult to get into Bhutan?

There is no problem getting a visa to Bhutan with even 2 weeks notice. However, the flights into Bhutan may book up months in advance. We recommend booking your trip to Bhutan at least 6 months in advance, and then there are usually no problems.

Do they limit how many people visit Bhutan?

Theoretically, there is an annual limit to the number of people allowed into Bhutan. However, that limit is never reached, and no one is turned away because that maximum has been reached.

I hear it is very expensive to travel to Bhutan?

There is a per-day price in Bhutan, but that price includes all lodging, all meals, all transfers, an English-speaking guide, and all entrance fees.

What special activities can do in Bhutan?

  • Festivals (Tshechu): See the Festival Calendar for Bhutan
  • Dinner at a local Farmhouse: Can be arranged in Paro for $45/person.
  • Archery practice session: Can be arranged in Paro for $30/person.
  • River Rafting: Can be arranged in Thimphu for $345/raft.
  • Biking: Can be arranged in Thimphu for $50/person.
  • Hiking: There is a bit of hiking in all itineraries, but extra hiking can be arranged at no extra charge.
  • Chanting at Monastery: This may be possible depending on schedule for $20/person.
  • Music/Dancing Program: $245/group at a selected local restaurant.
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