Bhutan Getting There


The international airport is located in Paro, Bhutan. There are now two airlines servicing Bhutan: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. You can get to Paro on Druk Air primarily from

  • Kathmandu, Nepal (Druk Air)
  • Delhi, India (Druk Air)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines)
  • Calcutta, India (Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines)

Budget around $800/person for round-trip flights from these gateways. AWR can help arrange your local and international flights.

The airline counters open at the Bangkok Airport 2 hours before the flight departure.

If traveling in business class, they have comfortable wide seats, and are provided the best services. Baggage allowance is more than that of economy class.


Druk Air allows checked baggage up to 20kg for free. Carry-on luggage cannot exceed 5kg. This is for international and domestic flights.

Bhutan Airlines allows checked baggage up to 30kg for free. Carry-on luggage cannot exceed 7kg. Business class allows 40kg baggage. For the Kathmandu-Paro sector, is 20kg of checked baggage, or 30kg in business class.

After 20 kg, there is an additional charge of 1 kg = US$ 2.95 per kg. In addition to a carry-on bag, one personal item is also allowed.

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