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6-Day The Dientes Trek

The Dientes Trek -- Trip Photo of Chile trek  Chile map

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Experience what has been called the best trek in Patagonia on this nature-lover's paradise trek! Walk through the Dientes de Navarino massif at the far end of South America, trekking along rural roads through and alongside forests, peat bogs, valleys, ponds, lakes, and rivers. At the hike’s summit, take in stunning views of the Beagle Channel, the cities of Puerto Williams in Chile and Ushuaia in Argentina, Nassau Bay, the Wollaston archipelago, and the mythical archipelago of Cape Horn.

Where: Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

Distance: 53.3 km (33 miles)

Time: 6 days/5 nights is the recommended amount of time to truly enjoy the trek, but some people choose to do it in 5 days/4 nights. Some people choose to extend it to 7 days.

Difficulty: Demanding - best for experienced trekkers. This trek tests your stamina and calls for long days of rough hiking on uneven terrain in virtually untouched territory. But the landscape and solitude makes the struggle well worth it.

When to go: Mid-December to mid-March. This falls during Patagonian summer, but the weather can still be unpredictable, with strong possibilities of high winds, rain, and chilly temperatures.

Itinerary in Brief

  • DAY 1: Discover Puerto Williams
  • DAY 2: Start of the Dientes Circuit
  • DAY 3: Crossing the Dientes de Navarino Cordillera
  • DAY 4: Guerrico Valley
  • DAY 5: Last day of excursion and well deserved rest
  • DAY 6: Adios Navarino!


  • Trek the southernmost circuit in the world
  • Navarino Island
  • Enjoy amazing views over the jagged rock pinnacles of the Dientes
  • Amazing views throughout trek
  • Panoramic views of Puerto Williams, Canal Beagle, Ushuaia and more

LOCATIONS: Patagonia, Dientes de Navarino massif


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