Patagonia Lodging

The accommodations listed are our favorite lodging options in and around Torres del Paine.

  1. EcoCamp
  2. Explora Patagonia
  3. Hotel Las Torres
  4. Patagonia Camp
  5. Remota Lodge
  6. The Singular Hotel
  7. Tierra Patagonia
  8. Driving Times

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Prices 2024-2025 (5 Days/4 Nights)

1) EcoCamp:

(High Season: Nov 1-Dec 14, Jan 15-Mar 31 / Mid: Oct 1-31, Apr 1-30/ Low: Sep 7-30, May 1-4 / Holiday: Dec 15-Jan 14)

2) Explora:

Salto Chico$5845$4795$2845
Cordillera Paine$6695$4995$3245
Suite Exploradores$8845$7245$4295
(High Season: Nov 1-Dec 20, Jan 2-Mar 31 / Mid: Oct, Apr / Low: May-Sep / Holiday: Dec 21-Jan 1 with 6 night minimum)

3) Hotel Las Torres:

(High Season: Nov 1-Dec 21, Jan 4-Mar 31 / Mid: Oct 1-31, Apr / Holiday: Dec 22-Jan 3)

4) Patagonia Camp:

Yurt Deluxe$4545$4295$2695
Yurt Deluxe Jacuzzi$4995$4795$2945
Yurt Suite$5795$5495$3495
Family Yurt/Quad$4345$4145$2595
(High Season: Dec 21-Feb 20 / Mid: Nov 1-Dec 20, Feb 21-Mar 31 / Low: Sep-Oct, Apr-May)

5) Remota Lodge:

Soft Program$2895$2545$2395$3445
Adventure Program$3445$3195$2945$3995
(High Season: Jan 6-Feb 28 / Mid: Nov 1-Dec 15, Mar / Low: Sep-Oct, Apr-May / Holiday: Dec 16-Jan 5)

1) EcoCamp

The EcoCamp domes are centrally located in Torres del Paine (near Hotel Las Torres).  It is a great base for doing the W Trek, but they also offer daily excursions to various parts of the park. This is truly off the grid with no WiFi. Excellent food and great vegetarian and vegan options.

There are Standard, Superior, and Suite domes.

  • Standard: No heating, no electricity, shared bathroom
  • Superior: Propane heat, electricity, private bathroom
  • Suite: Wood stove, electricity, private bathroom

More information:

2) Explora Patagonia

The most luxurious lodge in Torres del Paine in a private location.  There are 40 excursions including hiking and horseback riding.  There are 3 types of rooms – 1) Salto Chico rooms with views of the waterfalls, 2) Cordillera Paine rooms with views of the mountains, and 3) Exploradores Suites which are larger and also with mountain views.

3) Hotel Las Torres

Located near the Visitor’s Center and the trailhead for the Towers (near EcoCamp).  There are 82 rooms and 2 suites, gourmet restaurant, bar, spa, 3 lounges, and organic farm.

Offers hiking, horseback riding, navigations.

4) Patagonia Camp

Located in the southwest corner of the park on the shores of Lago el Toro.  The luxury yurts are a nice size, heated, with electricity, and have a private bathroom.  Some have a private jacuzzi, and there are family quad yurts.  Food and wine are great. You can do the W-Trek in day hikes.

5) Remota Lodge (Puerto Natales)

Remota is strategically placed just outside of Puerto Natales on the way to Torres del Paine, so not only is Torres del Paine down the road, you also have the chance to take part in excursions outside the park such as the Balmaceda and Serrano Glacier tour, mountain biking, rocking climbing and gastronomic experiences in town that are unique to a stay at Remota. The trailheads for The Base of The Towers, French Valley and Grey Glacier are about a 2 hour drive from Remota. However, even if you were staying directly in the park, and you were close to say one of these trails, you would still have to drive almost 2 hours to get to the other trailheads because of how the roads are in the park and how everything is laid out. Remota Lodge is incredibly beautiful, their food is by far the best food out of all the high-end lodges in Torres del Paine, and their adventure package is incredibly unique because it offers such a wide variety of excursions besides solely hiking.

6) The Singular Hotel (Puerto Natales)

Luxurious, sophisticated hotel in a historic warehouse. This is a truly amazing destination to visit — even for a night before or after Torres del Paine — but well worth a few days. I has a historic museum with antiques from the lamb industry, a spectacular spa, and incredible bar area.

7) Tierra Patagonia

Luxurious camp located in the eastern part of the park.

Driving Times:

  • Punta Arenas: 5 Hours
  • Puerto Natales: 2 Hours
  • El Calafate: 5 Hours

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