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Kilimanjaro Charity Climbs

Many charities climb Kilimanjaro as a fund-raising activity. We can help your charity climb with group rates, by sponsoring t-shirts, and helping with your travel plans. A fund-raising trek is an adventurous once-in-a-lifetime experience for participants while serving a humanitarian or environmental cause.

AWR also supports many local charities >>

These organizations have climbed Kilimanjaro with AWR to raise money for their charitable organization:

Taylor Sisters for Make A Difference Now (MAD)

In December 2013, Katie and Abbie Taylor, sisters from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on the 7-day Machame Route to raise money for the Make A Difference charity.

Cody Hickerson Memorial Foundation

The Cody Hickerson Memorial Foundation supports the Make A Difference Now orphanage and sponsors Joseph.

Inno­cent Eyes Project

The Inno­cent Eyes Project finan­cially assists grass­roots child edu­ca­tion pro­grams work­ing in devel­op­ing coun­tries.

Make A Difference

Make A Difference (MAD) has partnered with a center for street children, an orphanage full of babies who have been abandoned, and a local organization that works on HIV/AIDS education in Moshi, Tanzania. They are also sending 22 children to a great school near the gates of Kilimanjaro at an orphanage in Himo, Tanzania, providing them with uniforms and books. At their school MAD has built a computer center and library.

Barnsley Hospice

Barnsley Hospice provides care and support for hundreds of local people each year. Their main priority is to achieve the best possible quality of life for patients with a life limiting illness, whilst supporting their families, during the period of illness and bereavement. As a specialist care provider, the range of skills offered includes, pain and symptom management, emotional support and terminal care at the end of life.

Up with Downs

Up with Downs is a local support group for the families of individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. It is only through the generosity of others that groups such as Up With Downs are able to provide the services that they do. They strive to make the world a better place for children and adults with Down syndrome. We originally set the goal of raising $5,895 (a dollar per meter of Kili's summit height), and we are over $7,000.

Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education

The GPFPE is is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing private funding to support, maintain and enhance academic and enrichment programs and activities for students and staff of the Grosse Pointe Public School System.

Comic Relief

Since 1985, Comic Relief has inspired others to have a laugh while raising cash to help change lives. The vision is a just world, free from poverty. The money raised gets spent by Comic Relief to help poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged people turn their lives around across Africa, throughout the world's poorest countries, and in the U.K.

TunaHAKI Canada

The TunaHAKI Centre for Child Development, located at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania, was founded in 1998. Perhaps the most dynamic and unique feature of the Centre is its focus on the performing arts, including aerials, acrobatics, gymnastics and drumming. The self-esteem, confidence, cooperation skills, and sense of family garnered from working together empower these abandoned children and give them a sense of home.

Woman On Top

Woman On Top is a philanthropically-inclined organization of outdoor enthusiasts who?s goal is to raise funds for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations through the achievement of amazing feats in human stamina. These climbers with a cause, feel that through a combination of their skills, determination, dedication to philanthropy, and fundraising efforts, substantial donations can be garnered that will make a difference in our world. In September of 2008, seven climbers (five women and two very brave men) will endeavor upon the Machame Route, on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Over 6 days, they will ascend over 13,000 feet to reach the summit of the highest peak on the African continent. Towering at 19,340 feet above sea level, Mt. Kilimanjaro is no ?walk in the park.? Our fundraising goal for 2008 is $75,000 to be divided between our two benefiting non-profit organizations: Positively Kids and The Odyssey Foundation.

Prostate Awareness Foundation

The Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) offers information, support, and education about the treatment options available to those with prostate cancer. PAF is different and unique in its approach to preventing and healing prostate cancer through its emphasis on a healthy life style, diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and stress reduction techniques. We believe in an integrative medical approach.

Close the Gap

It is Close the Gap?s mission to contribute closing the digital divide between the Western World and developing countries, by offering communities access to much-needed IT equipment. Since Close the Gap was founded in 2003, thousands of computers have been donated by Western companies. They have been put to work once more in developing countries where they offer a springboard for both individuals and communities to make steady progress as they bridge the digital and economic divide.

CRY - Cardiac Risk in the Young

CRY's Vision 2008: to work with cardiologists and family doctors to promote and protect the cardiac health of our young by establishing good practice and screening facilities devoted to significantly reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death throughout the UK Registered Charity No. 1050845

Compassion International

Every 14 seconds, a child is orphaned by AIDS. That adds up to over 6,000 children per day who become orphans as a result of their parents dying from AIDS. Nine out of 10 children who are affected by AIDS live in Africa. That's why your support of Compassion's AIDS Initiative is so necessary. You will be investing in a unique treatment approach to HIV/AIDS that seeks to defeat this pandemic one child at a time. For children orphaned by AIDS, Compassion International has begun a program of building orphanages right in the village where the children were born. The orphanage looks just like any other home, and local people are being hired as house-parents to raise the kids. The obvious advantage is that the orphaned children aren't shipped off somewhere else to an institutional type setting, but are instead raised in the village where they've always lived.

PKD Foundation

The PKD Foundation is the only organization, worldwide, dedicated to promoting research to find a cure for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and improving the care and treatment of those it affects. Our vision is that ?no one suffers the full effects of PKD.? In 2007, the PKD Foundation will fund more than $4.2 million in vital PKD research and lobby the federal government for millions more. In addition to funding research, the PKD Foundation provides a forum for patients, family and friends through more than 70 volunteer-led Chapters across the country and the world and holds the annual Walk for PKD, held each year on the third weekend in September, and the National Convention on PKD, the only conference in the world for PKD patients and medical professionals. The PKD Foundation was established in 1982 by Joseph H. Bruening and Jared J. Grantham, MD, and is headquartered in Kansas City, MO.

Climb Wiser (Wiser Girls)

The Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research (WISER), with Duke University, is building the first boarding school for girls in Muhuru Bay, Kenya with the aim of reducing sexual abuse and guaranteeing their right to safe and effective education.

Rivers of the World (ROW)

A group of people who believe in ROW will be climbing Kilimanjaro in July 2007 to raise money for community development around the world. This is a non-profit climb, and they are raising all the money from individual pledges.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC)

To raise awareness and promote education about ovarian cancer. The Coalition is committed to improving the survival rate and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer.

Health Unlimited

We work with communities, service providers, policy makers and donors in difficult environments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to secure access to effective primary health care for marginalised people affected by conflict,instability or discrimination. This charity helps communities living in the remote, inaccessible areas of countries affected by war or political instability.

USAF/SOWF 7 Summits Challenge

We are excited to take on this challenge to honor the members of the USAF, to highlight the importance of personal fitness, and to promote a worthy charity that brings better lives to widowed Americans and their children!

Kenya Orphanage Project

The Kenya Orphanage Project (KOP) is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation whose sole purpose is the support of the construction and ongoing operation of the Jubilee Children's Center, an orphanage and school in the Ruai District of Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. KOP is committed to support a safe, happy, healthy and productive life for the children of the Jubilee Children?s Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Christina Noble Foundation

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation is an International Partnership of people dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training, job placement and the protection of children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation.

Monroe Harding

The residential programs provide a home for at-risk youth. The programs serve youth ages 16-21 who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or behavioral problems. The youth in the residential programs are required to pursue an education, utilize vocational training and master basic life skills needed to transition into independent adults. These youth progress from a group home setting, to a cooperative living environment where they learn the skills necessary to live on their own, then to an independent living residence where they truly master what they have learned at Monroe Harding. The goal is for all of the youth to become successful, independent members of the community. Rick Dumas and Ron Munkeboe are raising money for every 1000 feet they climb up Kilimanjaro

The Starfish Difference

We are a small group of people in Southern Arizona with friends accross the country and the world who have formed a non-profit, non-religious affiliatted charity whose mission is to improve the lives of the poorest and most destitute human beings - mostly in the small town of Augia Prieta, Mexico.

Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases

ROAR Up Kilimanjaro is a major fundraising event to support the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases (CFID). ROAR is the acronym for Realize Opportunities to Advance Research ? specifically, infectious disease research. The Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases (CFID) was established in 1989 to fund critical research and help protect Canadians and people worldwide from infectious diseases.

Cops on Top

The 2005 Cops on Top Kilimanjaro Memorial Expedition honors Officer Isaac Espinoza in their climb January 2005 with a 100% success rate!

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