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On Kilimanjaro, Dismiss was our guide and Nasorro Shabani Mawala was our assistant guide. Both were amazing — Dismiss had a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the mountain, and our health along the way. Both were very professional and became close friends. We saw many guides along the way and were convinced that we had two of the best. We had great weather, no health problems. Food was excellent and the company was as well. All 3 of us summitted.

On safari, Vincent was also extremely knowledgeable. He knew a tremendous amount regarding all animals and he also knew where to find them, when others did not. His vision and spotting were amazing.

I’ve traveled to 6 continents and been on many travels and tours. This was the best! Summitting Kili was a highlight, of course, but seeing cheetahs and rhino’s as well as other animals in abundance was a certain highlight. I also really enjoyed tent camping at Halisi Camp in the Serengeti and hut camping at the end as well. Hearing the animals and seeing them right next to us at night was a highlight.

Blaze B., CA, USA
7-Day Kilimanjaro Lemosho Trek + 5-Day Safari, September-October 2017

Dismas was our guide. We would rate him excellent, a 10, and we would also rate Nassoro, his assistant, a 10. Steve loved the Barranco Wall. I loved the first day in the forest listening to the monkeys chattering. The best part of our trip was the whole team — the guides, cooks, and porters were all wonderful.

Yes, it is harder than we thought. Rockier and steeper than we had trained for. The distances are deceptive. It takes a lot more energy and time than we thought to go a short distance. I would prepare future climbers to train hard. A toilet tent is the best purchase you can make. Trust the guides implicitly. Bring a lot of money for tips! The bike tour was dangerous and terrifying!

Tanzanians are very warm, gracious and friendly. We were treated so well by everyone. Deo our driver was wonderful. We would love someday to return for a safari.

Thank you Robin and Dan. You are excellent at your job and we would love to work with you again. You impressed us with how quickly you responded to our questions!

Mary D., OR, USA
7-Day Kilimanjaro Machame Trek, September 2017

Our Kilimanjaro guides, Jackson and Said were Above Excellent!! They did a phenomenal job, and we highly recommend them.

Each day we experienced something new and amazing that will forever be with us. [Mt. Kilimanjaro] From the start, our briefing with Jackson and how comfortable and at ease he made us feel. The planning & preparing for the next day’s trek. The children waving as we drove through towns. How welcoming the hotel operators, local people, and shop keepers in Moshi were. Being above the clouds. Seeing the millions and millions of stars clearly! To the “water for washing”. The sounds of the camping zippers and the great outdoor feeling. The views, upon views, upon views. The porters singing and welcoming us to their country. Those unforgettable switch-backs. [Safari Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater] Completely took our breaths away, to be so close and experience the zebras, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, impalas, buffaloes, tigers, birds, All of it!!

Brunetta C., NY, USA
6-Day Kilimanjaro Rongai Trek + 2-Day Safari, August 2017

My guide was Abu, and he was exceptional. Safety was most obviously their #1 priority, and that was very reassuring. It was honestly the BEST adventure I’ve ever been on. All 12 of us reached the summit.

The Machame Route is extremely beautiful. The scenery was incredible, and I enjoyed the challenging terrain. The Summit day was far from easy, but a challenge that I loved pushing myself to do. I was extremely happy with all parts of the package which you put together for me. Hire the private toilet… Buy the WARMEST sleeping bag. Take warmer clothes than you think you’ll need!

Thank you so, so much for organizing such a wonderful tour. It was exceptional, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Leigh R., Australia
7-Day Kilimanjaro Machame Trek, August 2017

The trip was amazing. It was above and beyond what I had expected or anticipated.

My guide on Kilimanjaro was Albert. He gets a 10. Very intense man, runs a tight ship. The entire crew was wonderful and I want to believe they were all happy with their rewards at the end of the journey. Kilimanjaro is harder than you think. 3/3 reached the summit. The other 2 guys were 2 young German boys half my age, ha!

The Safari guide for the 3 day Safari I took with my wife was Alfred. Excellent guy. My wife Cristina was on a separate 5 day safari with Joseph and she loved him. Would give Joseph and Alfred both a 10.

George N., GA, USA
7-Day Kilimanjaro Machame Trek + 5-Day Safari + 3-Day Safari, August 2017

We had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro. Our guide was Reggie and we would give him a 10 rating. 3 of the 4 climbers in our group made it to the top and we would give give AWR a recommendation of 10. Our favorite part of the trip was reaching the summit and then the celebration afterwards.

Vic D., CA, USA
7-Day Kilimanjaro Machame Trek, August 2017

We had an excellent trip. Everything worked out perfectly. It was the best decision to go for the 5 day safari instead of 3 day. Serengeti was amazing in it’s vastness, beauty and animals. Our guide was Vincent, he was very good. Knowledgeable about the place and animals, friendly, 4 of us hit it off well. He took us to some good spots in Serengeti off the beaten path to see lions up close.

We liked the kati kati camp food was good and stay was comfortable in spite of being in the middle of nowhere. Enjoyed the Balloon ride as well. Ngorongoro farm house was a really good stay, comfortable clean and beautiful location. African Tulip was excellent.

Stories – In Kati Kati, we woke up middle of the night and saw a big wild buffalo next to the tent. We were very luck to see a chase, a lioness hunting a Gazelle. That was beautiful and did not seem violent.

Tanzania surprised us, very beautiful, people are friendly and relaxed. Will go back. Overall we had a trip of a lifetime and stories, for that we thank you, Vincent and others involved for making it happen.

Anil J., CA, USA
5-Day Safari, August 2017

We loved the hike and seeing the park up close.  Everything went really well.  Thank you so much for all your help!

Cindy V., NV, USA
1-Day Short Kilimanjaro Trek, July 2017

The trip – WONDERFUL!  The sights, the locations, and most especially the people we met made this Adventure a memory of a lifetime to carry and to tell others to contact Adventures Within Reach when it is their turn! Our Kilimanjaro lead guide Abuu and his Assistant Gerald were off the scale you gave – I would give them 1000 on a scale of 1 to 10 they were so good to us.  Friendly, helpful, fun to interact with, wise and very experienced, they anticipated needs, led the porters with decisions always in good humor and were so encouraging to us the final day of climbing.  Our guide Vincent on the Safari was very knowledgeable and pointed out things we never saw – and we DID see four of the Big five missing only the Rhino, and spotted four leopards in trees and one VERY close up Cheetah.

Chris P., MA, USA
5-Day Group Safari + Private 6-Day Rongai Route Kilimanjaro Trek, June-July 2017

Both the Kilimanjaro trek and Safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater (caldera actually) were literally dreams come true for me. I’m an environmental scientist and started my career as a field research biologist. As a child, I was already reading books about African wildlife and would watch nature shows on TV of the Tanzanian plains and forests with my Dad every week. I read an article about Mt. Kilimanjaro in a National Geographic magazine as a young adult and made it my goal to climb it. Later, I learned about the disappearance of the glaciers due to climate change and felt even more of an urgency. In 2006, I spent four months in Southern Africa as a research assistant then traveling through seven countries but Tanzania was still “calling”. So, my initial goals were made decades ago, and for various “life” reasons, pursuing them was postponed, but they were accomplished, the dreams realized, this past October (2016) at age 49!

Brenda B., CA, USA
7-Day Group Machame Route Kilimanjaro Trek + 5-Day Group Safari, October 2016

10 doesn’t even begin to share the number I would give to the staff from the Adventures Within Reach. The staff at Endoro [Lodge] were very kind and considerate especially given the late hour [of my arrival]. [M]y guide Rama . . . made my safari an amazing experience. I tell everyone how he could spot a dot in the ground and know that it was a rhino. He did that all during our safari. He was always willing to explain things to us even when he must have been exhausted. I loved every minute. [I] ended up loving [Serengeti Halisi Camp]. I loved looking out on my balcony [at Rhino Lodge] and seeing Water Buffalo and Waterbuck.

Carolyn S., USA
5-Day Safari, July 2016

Meghan and I had such an incredible journey through Africa! I want to thank Adventures Within Reach for making it possible. All of our drivers and guides are every special individuals that enormously contributed to our experience. They are professional, kind, informative, and above all extremely interested in our well being and safety. Everything was very well organized and designed. Thank you again for all your attentiveness to our bookings. I will be a customer of Adventures Within Reach again as well as recommend this company to our friends.

Ashley P., CA, USA
4-Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek+ 6-Day Rongai Route + 5-Day Safari, June 2016

The guides/porters on the hike and safari were wonderful.  I could not say more positive things about the crew with Tanzania Journeys.  They just really took care of us!

Lisa G., USA
6-Day Rongai Route + 2-Day Safari, February 2016

We loved it all! The safari was very special though, since it is a unique experience.  We felt secure throughout the entire trip. Everything was planned for our convenience. It was a perfect experience.

Jack S., Illinois, US
3-Day Short Serengeti Fly-In Safari + 5-Days Zanzibar, January 2016

[My f]avorite part is the porters and guides (especially Rashid), they encourage[d] us in many ways, slowly and patiently stayed with us during the summit. I made it to the summit despite my altitude sickness, thanks to Rashid and Ramadan. [T]he food was great too. [E]verything was perfect in my trip.

Nisha B., Singapore
7-Day Machame Trek, February 2016

The bike ride was a wonderful way to see things other than the main streets of Moshi and was a great way to become familiar with our surroundings and the wonderful folks in Moshi.  Abdul was a wonderful guide – knowledgeable of the town, very safe, and willing to answer our many questions.

Carolyn G., USA
1-Day Biking in Moshi, February 2016

[The Moshi bike trip] was a highlight of my trip. Abdul was an awesome guide and took us places few travelers have been. In fact I gave the bike ride information to our guide with IMG and a high recommendation for future travelers. The lunch was an added bonus.

Vicki M., US
1-Day Biking in Moshi, February 2016

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