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Tanzania kilimanjaro

6-Day Rongai Route (Alternate)

6 Day Rongai Route (Alternate) -- Trip Photo of kilimanjaro Tanzania  Rongai Route (Alternate) -- Trip Map of Tanzania kilimanjaro

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Our 6-day "alternative" Rongai trek includes a night at super scenic Mawenzi Tarn Hut camp. Soak up the rugged mountain views while camping in the shadow of one of Kilimanjaro's tallest sub-peaks, Mawenzi.

This trip is a hybrid version of our "easiest" trek (the 7-day Rongai) and our standard 6-day Rongai, which also has one of the highest success rates possible. If you are looking for a slightly more challenging hiking experience than the standard Rongai trek, yet something still "easier" than a 6-day Machame, then this is an excellent choice! On a standard 6-day Machame, you have 2 long days of hiking; on this trek, you have just one, on Day 2.


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Itinerary in Brief

  • DAY 1: Drive to the trailhead, hike to Simba Camp
  • DAY 2: Hike Simba Camp to Kikelewa Camp
  • DAY 3: Hike Kikelewa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn
  • DAY 4: Hike Mawenzi Tarn to Kibo Hut
  • DAY 5: Kibo Camp to Summit and descent to Horombo Hut
  • DAY 6: Final descent, transfer to Moshi


  • More challenging than our standard 6-day Rongai, yet "easier" than the 6-day Machame
  • Trek to the highest mountain in Africa!

LOCATIONS: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

ACTIVITIES: Mountain Trekking


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