Kenya Getting There

Flying into Nairobi

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) is the main international airport in Nairobi.

The other airport in Nairobi is the Wilson Airport, which has shorter flights to/from areas of Kenya and to/from the Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania.

We can arrange a day room near the Nairobi Airport for $190/room until 18:00pm: Ole Sereni, Eka, and Panari Hotel (or $225 for the Boma). Budget $20 for a transfer to the airport.

AWR can help arrange your local and international flights.


  • If you are traveling through Kenya en route to Tanzania, you will need a Yellow Fever Card upon arrival in Tanzania.

Update on Nairobi Airport (September 2013)

Following the fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi last month, all flights/operations have resumed.

British Airways and South African Airways are operating out of Unit 1, while KLM, Kenya Airways, and Precision Air are operating out of Unit 2.

It is still recommended to arrive at the airport three hours early for all international departures, and two hours for all domestic departures.

Transfers into Town

The airport is a 30 minute drive from the heart of Nairobi. Transfers from Nairobi Airport to city center: $50/car one-way. Transfers outside of the city: $60/car one-way. We can arrange transfers, or there are numerous well-marked taxi’s from the airport into Nairobi city (negotiate the price first).

To/From Tanzania

The first option is to take a shuttle bus that leaves every morning at 8am from Arusha, Tanzania. It costs $35 per person each way and takes approximately six hours. You can also fly to and from the Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is located halfway between Moshi and Arusha. This costs around $200 per person one way from Nairobi, Kenya. The third option is to take a private car from Moshi to Nairobi. The car fits 7-8 people and costs $600 total each way, or a mini-bus for $700 total each way (20-25 people). You determine time and place of pick-up.

Shuttle Buses

This is not the most comfortable route (very bumpy and dusty), but it is a quintessential African experience.

The shuttle stops at the Tanzania/Kenya border where all passengers must disembark and go through immigration. Luggage may also be removed and randomly inspected by customs agents.

There is one bathroom stop on the Kenyan side of the border where you can also purchase refreshments. You may want to bring your own snacks and drinks for the trip.

The shuttles pick up at various hotels in the city center. Arrive at the shuttle 1/2 hour early to get your luggage loaded. Travel times vary greatly, but allow at least 6 hours. The shuttle operates every day of the year, including holidays.

If you take the afternoon shuttle, it only goes as far as Arusha. We can arrange for a private car to drive from Arusha to Moshi for $70 one-way for the car.

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