About Nepal

About Nepal

Nepal boasts eight of the world’s tallest mountains and the world’s oldest Hindu and Buddhist sites. While Kathmandu Valley is made of three ancient cities filled with enchanting medieval palaces, pagodas, temples, statues and stupas, the rest of the kingdom offers unparalleled adventure options with abundance in flora and fauna. As for its people — from the Tharus that shares their land with the splendid Asian tuskers in the plains to the brave Yak herders of Dolpo — they are as amazing as the land itself. Here in its tropical jungles, the Royal Bengal Tiger prowls, and higher up, the legend of the Yeti lives on. Although modernization has set in, the quintessence of ancient Nepal remains amongst its people.

Nepal is rich in its Buddhist and Hindu religions. Tours of these sites as well as a safari in Chitwan National Park show you the best of Nepal. For the more adventurous, Nepal offers some of the most amazing treks in the world including the Everest Base Camp and Annapurna regions. We offer customized itineraries and private groups starting any day of the year plus a number of group tours with set departure dates for our most popular itineraries.

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation. The elevation of the country ranges from 70m above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848 m, all within a distance of 150 km with climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to arctic. This wild variation fosters an incredible variety of ecosystems, the greatest mountain range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys.

Within this spectacular geography is also one of the richest cultural landscapes anywhere. The country is a potpourri of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 70 languages and dialects. Nepal offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities found nowhere else on earth. You can also join in the numerous annual festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs.


The main languages spoken are Nepali and English.


The local currency is Nepali Rupees. Credit cards are generally accepted in bigger towns and at hotels. There are ATM’s in Kathmandu.

Telephone Calls

To call internationally from Nepal, dial:  00 + country code + area code + telephone number. Hotel receptionists will help you make calls.

Only global cell phones will work and only in the bigger towns. You may want to consider renting one or getting a satellite phone.

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