Nepal Getting There


Kathmandu is the international airport in Nepal. Typically, the flights arrive in the early afternoon, you have some time to walk around and enjoy dinner that evening.

The departure tax out of Kathmandu is about $26.

From the U.S., you will most likely fly through Bangkok (Thai Air), New Delhi, or another city in Asia, and you may have to overnight in this city. Because of the dateline and the overnight, it takes 3 days to get to Kathmandu. AWR can help book a hotel and transfers in Bangkok and New Delhi for you.

From Europe, flights depart from many major cities. There will be at least one stop en route to Kathmandu, depending on the airlines. It is at least 15 hours of travel time one-way.

Overnight in New Delhi: If you need to spend the night in New Delhi on your way to Nepal, you can stay at the Eaton Smart New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel without needing an India visa. Rooms are about $120. If you stay more than 8 hours in the room, add another $20 for taxes. To leave the secured area of the airport, you will need to arrange an India visa ahead of time.

AWR can help arrange your local and international flights.


For the Everest treks, you will fly into Lukla. There are 30-40 flights a day, but they only fly in the morning and only if there are no clouds. Budget around $400/person round-trip for the Lukla flights.

The weight limit for checked luggage is 10 kg (about 22 pounds) and 5 kg for carry-on luggage. They do weigh both pieces. As long as checked + carry-on luggage is 15kg, you are probably okay. Overweight luggage may be removed or charged $2/kg.

If the Lukla flights are cancelled, clients are responsible for extra fees including hotel, meals, and transfers. We highly recommend travel insurance, which will pay for these added expenses.

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