Nepal Tipping

What support people will we have and how much do we tip?

All groups will have 1 Sirdar and 1 Porter/2 trekkers. Groups of 4 or more will have 1 English-speaking Lead Guide and 1 Sherpa/4 trekkers. Budget $200-250/trekker for tips.

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Description of staff:

  • Lead Guides: Speak English and will walk with the trekkers and act as a tour guide.
  • Sirdar: Organizes equipment, Sherpas, and Porters.
  • Sherpas: Act as assistant guides, hiking with trekkers to help with pace and carrying packs if necessary.
  • Porters: Carry big equipment bags for trekkers to next destination.

Tipping Guidelines (minimums):

  • Lead Guides are tipped $40-50/day from the group (more for larger groups)
  • Sirdars are tipped $10-15/day from the group (more for larger groups)
  • Sherpas are tipped $10/day from the group
  • Porters are tipped $5/day from the group

Below is our standard tipping guideline:

Local Guides $17 per person, per day (full day)
Drivers $5 per person, per day (full day)
Trek Leader $15 per person, per day
Trek Porters $5 per person per day

However please be advised that the tipping depends entirely on the guests based on the service quality and the length of your trip. Yes, you can handover the tips in separate envelopes to the guide and porters at the end of the program / trek.

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