About Argentina


The main language in Argentina is Spanish.


The local currency is Argentine pesos (ARS).

The exchange rate in Argentina fluctuates dramatically, so it is very different than most countries. Do NOT exchange money before your trip, and do NOT use an ATM in Argentina. The best exchange rate is found at the Western Union exchanges. There are many around the city. Alternatively, ask you guide or hotel front desk where to find the best exchange in the area.

Credit cards are generally accepted everywhere in Chile and Argentina. However, I recommend bringing cash as well.

You can tip your guides and drivers with USD. Local currency is better at restaurants and for small cash purchases.

Bring $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills for tipping. Bring $100 bills for exchanging. Make sure you have newest style 100’s with no tears or marks.


  • $2-3/day for drivers – USD easiest
  • $10/person/day for guides – USD easiest
  • $1/person/lunch $3/person/dinner for tips for meals (10% of meal price) – local currency easiest (You cannot add tip to a bill and charge it – tips must be left separately on the table.)
  • Small purchases – local currency is easiest
  • I just have some USD and local currency in my pocket at all times.


Argentina uses 220 volt current Type I with 3 prongs, 2 of which are angled. Type “I” – like Australia. Some generic multi-converters do not have this configuration, so look carefully at the picture and make sure you have the right one.

Bring a power strip and/or multiple adapters – in case there are only a few outlets or the plugs are a tight fit behind furniture. The outlets in Chile and Argentina are different from each other.

Getting Around

Uber is available in larger cities and towns.

Cabify is arguably a better app, but you MUST download and create an account from your home country.

Telephone Calls

To dial internationally from Argentina dial: 00 + area code + telephone number. Hotel receptionists will help you make calls.

When calling Argentina from abroad, you must dial the country code of 54.

Cell phones will work in most areas.

Numbers for emergencies:

  • Police: dial 101
  • Fire: dial 100
  • Ambulance: 107

Travel Alerts & Warnings

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