Travel Tips for the Adventurous Family

Summer Family Safari

Summer Family Safari

Our custom-excursion company with nearly 10 years of experience assisting thousands of families realize their vision of safe, affordable and memorable trips, takes the guesswork out of it with these tips for intrepid families.

Robin Paschall, founder of Adventures Within Reach, doesn’t underestimate her young son’s abilities. Paschall took her son, then age 6, for a family on vacation through Northern Tanzania, and, when he was just eight, for a Galapagos cruise. Even at a young age, snorkeling, exploring a monkey-filled forest teeming with frogs and bugs and seeing elephants from the back of their land-cruiser were exciting and educational for her young child.

“Tanzania probably offers the best safari experience in Africa,” and combined with “the beaches of Zanzibar, makes for a great family vacation,” according to Anouk Zijlma, travel editor and Board Member of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa. Whether your next family trip is to a local state park or to see African wildlife, we’ve got the following tips to make it fun for everyone:

If your destination includes observation, we recommend keeping young children interested in the sites by:

  • Giving them binoculars
  • Awarding them points or prizes for spotting wildlife on a checklist
  • Avoiding canoeing or walking (or activities difficult for kids)

Don’t forget that kids get discounts on everything from transportation to food while traveling.  For example, Adventures Within Reach offers special pricing for children on family safaris, including rates with as much as 20% off for kids under 15 at the time of travel in Tanzania, and all kids are 25% off for select Galapagos cruises. We also work with diving companies offer that offer age- related dives, ranging from 5 to 17 years old, so ask about “family departures.”  If you have very young children, but still want to have some fun in the sun, you may want to consider a relaxing Costa Rica nature trip, tailored specifically for families. You can still spot parrots, giant iguanas and even manatees in the Tortuguero National Park, while unwinding on dazzling beaches outside your hotel!

Wherever you choose to take your family, we hope these tips will encourage you to explore our amazing planet with them, creating memories and bonds long after your vacation is over.

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