Cultural Tours

How to make the most of your cultural tours…

Cultural tours are truly special, particularly if both groups participate fully.

Before arriving at your destination, learn how to say “Hello” and “What is your name?” in the native language. Ask your guide about cultural sensitivities (what not to do) so that no one is offended. Follow the lead of your guide and ask how to best communicate. There may be a leader or elder, who should be greeted.

Sit or stand with the group. Say “Hello” and ask their name. Give them your name, shake their hand. Have them show you their belongings or what they are doing. If there are separate groups (men/women, young/old), try to visit with each group.

Have 1-2 people in your group take pictures so that the others can integrate without distractions. Socialize first, and then take pictures.

Before leaving your visit, learn how to say “Thank you” and “Good-bye” in the native language.

Visit our page on Swahili, the major local language on mainland Tanzania.

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