Kilimanjaro Safety on the Mountain

Safety is our #1 priority!

AWR has select guides who are certified as Wilderness First Responders. All Kilimanjaro guides are trained in acute mountain sickness (AMS) and basic mountain first aid. However, they are not doctors or paramedics. Climbers are responsible for bringing their own first aid and medical supplies.

All treks have a pulse oximeter, which measures pulse rate and oxygen saturation.  Your guide will test your oxygen levels at least twice a day.  This measurement is one way to see how well you are acclimatizing on the trek.

Kilimanjaro guides carry a cell phone for emergency use.

All climbers pay a rescue fee to the Kilimanjaro National Park (included in the price). If a client cannot walk because they are injured or sick, the national park will assist this climber down.

Safety Equipment:

  • Oximeters: are included on all treks at no charge (1 per group)
  • Oxygen: provided for $150
  • Hyperbaric bag: provided for $250

Kilimanjaro guides are trained and certified by the Kilimanjaro National Park. They start out as porters and work their way up to assistant guide. When they are ready (after about 2-4 years), they go through the national park certification process.

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