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Carlos, our guide, was FANTASTIC! All the boat drivers were wonderful! The food was excellent. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The bungalow was mosquito proof. My husband and I did not get one mosquito bite due to the use of Deet and the netting over our bungalow. Our airport and hotel pick up was more than we expected and made us feel very welcome. Seeing animals in their natural environment was thrilling. Seeing a sloth was a highlight. I will never forget it.

Gretchen, you have been so personable to me in your communications, and I wouldn’t hesitate to book another trip with you through Adventures Within Reach.

Caitlin W., AK, USA
4-Day Iquitos Amazon Rainforest, October 2017

Amazing! We loved our group, the porters, and Erick! Erick knew so much and was so enthusiastic. We saw another guide along the way who didn’t even go into one of the incan sites with his group. He just said “go for it if you want” whereas Erick not only went with us, he also had us sit down and explained the history and theories of everything asking questions as we went to ensure our comprehension. We asked to spend extra time at one site and he waited below covering our bags when it started to rain. we were incredibly grateful to have him as our guide. The cook was really good too and made us a cake on our last night! How do you make a cake in a tent from scratch? Honestly the food on the trek was probably the best food we had in Peru! We will never forget the amazing experience we had on the Inca trail with our guide, group, and porters.

Barbara is amazing! She helped us with everything along the way and answered any questions we had promptly and offered advice on other options (such as visiting the rainforest and climbing Huayna Picchu)! We chose Adventures Within Reach because of her quick responses to our initial questions as we were considering who to book with and she continued to help us with questions even up to the day we left.

It was an experience we will remember forever. The Inca trail was our favorite part because of our guide, porters, cook and our fellow trekkers. We also loved that our group was so diverse – representing 5 continents!!

We got up at 2 am as a group to go be first in line the final morning and were first to the sun gate!! When we arrived our guide brought out champagne and we had a quick celebration for being first. It was something we will never forget!

Caitlin W., WA, USA
7-Day Inca Trail & Amazon Rainforest, August-September 2017

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On Kilimanjaro, Dismiss was our guide and Nasorro Shabani Mawala was our assistant guide. Both were amazing — Dismiss had a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the mountain, and our health along the way. Both were very professional and became close friends. We saw many guides along the way and were convinced that we had two of the best. We had great weather, no health problems. Food was excellent and the company was as well. All 3 of us summitted.

On safari, Vincent was also extremely knowledgeable. He knew a tremendous amount regarding all animals and he also knew where to find them, when others did not. His vision and spotting were amazing.

I’ve traveled to 6 continents and been on many travels and tours. This was the best! Summitting Kili was a highlight, of course, but seeing chetahs and rhino’s as well as other animals in abundance was a certain highlight. I also really enjoyed tent camping at Helisi Camp in the Serengeti and hut camping at the end as well. Hearing the animals and seeing them right next to us at night was a highlight.

Blaze B., CA, USA
7-Day Kilimanjaro Lemosho Trek + 5-Day Safari, September-October 2017

Our Kilimanjaro guides, Jackson and Said were Above Excellent!! They did a phenomenal job, and we highly recommend them.

Each day we experienced something new and amazing that will forever be with us. [Mt. Kilimanjaro] From the start, our briefing with Jackson and how comfortable and at ease he made us feel. The planning & preparing for the next day’s trek. The children waving as we drove through towns. How welcoming the hotel operators, local people, and shop keepers in Moshi were. Being above the clouds. Seeing the millions and millions of stars clearly! To the “water for washing”. The sounds of the camping zippers and the great outdoor feeling. The views, upon views, upon views. The porters singing and welcoming us to their country. Those unforgettable switch-backs. [Safari Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater] Completely took our breaths away, to be so close and experience the zebras, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, impalas, buffaloes, tigers, birds, All of it!!

Brunetta C., NY, USA
6-Day Kilimanjaro Rongai Trek + 2-Day Safari, August 2017

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Ecuador / Galapagos

You did a great job – the trip was fantastic and all your recommendations were spot on! Thank you for everything – it was all great! I loved Machu Picchu because it is so amazing and I have wanted to see this since I was 7 years old. But, as a family – we loved the Galapagos – so wonderful and interesting – we had a terrific outstanding guide – Omar, and everyone on our boat was so so fun and interesting and the crew could not have been nicer or more accommodating. We all felt pretty connected to each other after just the 5 days and we all felt pretty lucky to have this experience together.

Lisa D., MD, USA
6-Day Peru: Machu Picchu Tour by Train and 5-Day Galapagos Cruise, July-August 2017

I thought the trip was incredible! We loved the Tunnels tours off of Isabella island. I would definitely recommend Adventures Within Reach (10), and hope to do another trip soon !

Jessica A., PA, USA
5-Day Galapagos Island Hopping, July 2017

[O]ur outstanding trip to the Galapagos was truly the dream trip of a lifetime. Seeing the beautiful land and sea creatures in the setting of that starkly beautiful archipelago was absolutely unforgettable! I would certainly recommend Adventures Within Reach to my friends and colleagues.

[B]eing with our 11 family members made it even better; watching everyone else’s enjoyment was very gratifying. The hikes on that incredible terrain were inspiring; the snorkeling, especially when we saw quite a few white-tipped sharks, and got to swim for a little while with a friendly marine turtle, who joined us at one point; seeing birds and animals who were unafraid of our presence was magical.The six crew members on our catamaran were outstanding in providing us with delicious and regular meals, and keeping things shipshape. They were friendly and kind and helpful. Thanks for organizing an excursion that will always remain as one of my happiest times.

Suzanne M., TX, USA
5-Day Galapagos Cruise on the Lonesome George, July 2017

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Costa Rica

I already recommended you to my dad. Kids loved waterfall rapeling and also the monkeys at Manuel Antonio.

Daniel C., FL, USA
9-Day Custom Family Costa Rica, June 2017

I would 10/10 recommend you guys and this trip to everyone, it’s was great. Our favorite part of the trip was all the wildlife tours and the hotels. They were both very well booked and everyone was super helpful.

Greg F., NY, USA
9-Day Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure, May 2017

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Southeast Asia

Great trip, everything was taken care of, hotels/homestays were great overall; the itinerary was perfect for the 14 days we had! Luang Prabang was incredible! Had never heard of it before, but fell in love with that special little town! I LOVED the Elephant Sanctuary, getting up early to see the monks receive alms; being part of the Baci ceremony. Sooo many things to do there. And most esp. I really, really loved our tour guide Vong!!! He constantly stopped the car to show us rice paddies, animals along the road, etc. He was insanely kind; generous, so passionate to show us his country. All of our tour guides were great, bit Vong is the absolute BEST! I cried when we left him at the airport. That’s how good he was to us!

Cara Angela A., CA, USA
16-Day Custom Southeast Asia Explorer: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, July 2017

[My] grandson and I had a great time. Food was outstanding and the hotels were very good. It was a very rewarding trip.

Bill P., PA, USA
13-Day Luxury Myanmar Adventure in-Depth, March 2017

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Himalayas – Bhutan, India, Nepal, & Tibet

Wow, trip of a lifetime! Cannot imagine things going better than they did. We did indeed get lucky with the weather. Our hotels were astonishing, world class all the way. Our guides and the local support were all above and beyond.

Barbara S., TX, USA
17-Day India & Bhutan, September-October 2017

The trip was incredible! We absolutely loved our guide kazi Sherpa and would highly recommend you try and book your clients with him. He was what made our trip.

We would recommend AWR to our friends. The itinerary was lovely, the accommodations were better than expected. There isn’t anything we can think of to make the trip better.

Jennifer B., CO, USA
17-Day Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek, April-May 2017

Highly recommend AWR . . . we have had wonderful service from AWR on several vacations. Very organized and reliable which is important when visiting unfamiliar countries . . . different money, languages, customs etc. Our India excursion was terrific.

Margot J., ON, Canada
4-Day Custom Golden Triangle (Taj Mahal and Jaipur), April 2017

Extremely likely to recommend Adventures Within Reach. [My favorite part of the trip was] Amber fort and the days in Agra.

Joe W., Taipei, Taiwan
7-Day India’s Golden Triangle (Delhi and Taj Mahal), January-February 2017

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