Upcoming Trip to Nepal: “Free A Child” with GO Campaign and Annapurna Trek

Girl in Rural Nepal

In 1998 our charity partner, Charities Within Reach, began the “Free A Child” initiative to help prevent sex trafficking of Nepali girls to India. Working in remote poor villages in Nepal, Free A Child has changed the lives of hundreds of girls and women living in areas where sex-trafficking is rampant. Along with our partner in Nepal, Charities Within Reach has involved these at-risk individuals in skills training and income-generating projects, keeping them out of the hands of traffickers and giving them the freedom to determine their own lives.

A new partnership with GO Campaign is raising money for Free a Child’s continuing efforts to provide educational opportunities to these young Nepali woman. Through the support provided by these efforts many of these woman are able to establish their own small businesses that contribute to their communities.

September 2010 Trip

This September, a group will head to Nepal to visit the training center in the town of Makwanpur Hetauda. On site, the visit will allow the group to discover the various skills acquired by the project’s participants.  These crafts include sewing, bamboo crafting, and farming. It is our hope that the participants will share our passion for increasing awareness of a rampant problem and the solutions available to help girls and women take control of their lives.

After their visit to the training center, participants on this 19-day trip will depart for a 6-day Annapurna Teahouse Trek (see a sample itinerary). The trip also includes several days to visit Kathmandu. A few spots remain on this trip departing on September 27th. Anyone interested in participating should contact us for detailed information.

Project Support

In our continued effort to support the laudable efforts of GO Campaign, Adventures Within Reach is donating an extra $50 for every person who signs up for this upcoming trip. We are also working to raise approximately $23,000 for the project. You can help us by making a contribution at our personal fund raising page.

While $4,800 provides annual stipends for 60 SHG Education & Group Coordinators, contributions of $70 provide a loan to establish a small business and $13 can save a small business! Please consider contributing to this cause!

More Information

Below is a list of links providing more information about the charity and its effort to improve the lives of young women in Nepal:

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