Bahia Bustamante: Argentina’s Wild Atlantic Coast

Bahia Bustamante

Bahia Bustamante is a coastal region in northern Patagonia located south of the Valdés Peninsula. Often overlooked, this region offers opportunities for travelers to discover local culture on ranches and to see and photograph abundant marine mammals and birds.

Bahia Bustamante was recently written up in the New York Times as “Argentina’s Secret (and Private) Answer to the Galapagos.” Travelers staying in the region can partake in a variety of activities including boat trips to islands, visits to beaches, horseback riding, and hiking.

The region is ideal for wildlife photographers and it boasts a fascinating, 60 million year old petrified forest. Those interested in local culture can also witness the sheep farming activities and the harvesting of seaweed.

Besides sea lions and dolphins the area is best know for its variety of birds including Magellenic penguins, gulls, terns, cormorants, and steamer ducks.

Adventures Within Reach offers 4 and 6-day itineraries to Bahia Bustamante from September through April.

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