Gnaoua Music Festival in Essaouira, Morocco

Many of our favorite trips combine great hiking and culture. Trips in Morocco offer beautiful mountains and rich cultural discoveries.

The Atlas Mountains
The Medina Souks in Marrakesh

While the trekking season in the High Atlas runs all year, due to snow fall treks run only from late May into early October if you wish to summit the high peaks including Jbel Toubkal, Morocco’s highest mountain. The first part of the trekking season corresponds with some highlights of Morocco’s cultural calendar.


Essaouira: Fishing Boats Along the Ramparts

The Gnaoua and World Music Festival of Essaouria takes place every June, and the 16th edition will be held June 20-23, 2013. It would be an amazing experience either before or after a trek in the High Atlas! It celebrates the popular music and arts of the Gnaoua, descendants from black slaves brought to Morocco by the Arabs centuries ago, who practice a syncretism of classical Islamic Sufism with pre-Islamic African traditions. The festival promotes their fascinating music along with musicians who come from all over the world. Past editions have included musicians from Mali, Senegal, Cuba, France, the United States, and Great Britain with genres including jazz and hip hop!

Before this festival music lovers might also be interested in the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music to be held from June 7 to 15, 2013. If you are interested in attending either of these festivals during your trip to Morocco we highly recommend that you book hotels well in advance!

Even if you cannot attend the music festival, we recommend a visit to Essaouira during an adventure in Morocco. For a taste of the music festival, enjoy this video with highlights from the 2012 festival:


Gnaoua and World Music Festival of Essaouria

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

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