Surf, Climb, Hike: A Costa Rican Adventure Awaits

Costa Rica coastThe daily grind has a way of numbing our sense of adventure. Whether we work at desks, construction sites or classrooms, a monotonous routine feels equal parts necessary and constricting. Every once in a while, though, professionals break out of their routines with an injection of fun, relaxation and excitement. Vacations remind you that there’s more to life than the daily grand. But, not all vacations are created equal, however.

Costa Rica is the quintessential vacation destination. With white beaches, pleasant weather and a distinct culture, this Central American country offers an array of activities that create lifetime memories. It’s time to use some of that vacation time and start planning your trip to Costa Rica.


While equipment and activities can enhance your experience, sometimes a Costa Rican hiking adventure is the best way to explore a new country. Scenic terrain and unbelievable elements await the Costa Rican explorer. Take advantage of local knowledge and join a guided tour, where you can explore the Poás Volcano and other sites in the Central highlands, hike through cloud forests and learn about Amazonian wildlife. A canteen of water and a curious spirit are all you need for a lifetime of memories in Costa Rica.


Vacations empower professionals to try new things and test their limits. There’s no teacher quite like the sea. Experience the power and wonder of the ocean as you learn to surf. You’ve always admired surfers’ grace and poise, and riding a wave it just looks downright fun. Costa Rica offers waves for all levels of surfers. Take a lesson from an experienced native, or battle the waves on your own.

Zip Line

Costa Rica features lush rain forest terrain, and travelers can experience this greenery in more ways than one. Soar through this coastal country via zip line. Not only will you get a rush of adrenaline you’ll get a unforgettable perspective of this incredible country. What could be more adventurous than a high-flying tour through Costa Rica’s terrain? When you get done on the zip line, you’ll have a story to tell and a memory for life. Hold on to valuables as you fly down the line. According to, carelessness is one of the leading causes of identity theft abroad.

Climb and Repel

If you’re looking for a truly authentic Costa Rican adventure, test your ancient trees and rapid waterfalls. Trained professionals to accompany you as you climb ancient rainforest trees. You’ll get an unprecedented look at nature (and a good workout). After you channel your inner “George of the Jungle,” challenge another natural wonder as you repel down a waterfall. Experts will connect you to safety as you work your way down one of Costa Rica’s many rushing rapids. This unforgettable experience will test your athleticism and ignite your senses. Have a friend or family member snap a picture? At home, they might not believe this story unless they see it.

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