5 Reasons Why Muyuna Lodge and Iquitos Are a Must For Your Next Peru Adventure!

Deep in the rainforest, up the Amazon River, outside of the jungle city of Iquitos, one finds the Muyuna Lodge!  This is a small rainforest lodge, secluded, intimate, that GUARANTEES the observation of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, caimans, and more, in their own habitat.

Sloth Amazon

Sloth Amazon

The bungalows are comfortable, with en suite bathrooms and terraces facing the river.  As the lodge is small, the personalized service quality is comparable with luxury hotels, always maintaining respect for the local environment.

Muyuna works in conjunction with the local neighboring village and community.

For your next Peru adventure, here are five reasons why you should consider adding Muyuna Lodge and Iquitos to your itinerary!

1. Iquitos is the only place in Peru where you can see the authentic AMAZON RIVER.

2. Iquitos is much less visited by large groups of tourists than Cusco and Puerto Maldonado. 

Indeed, the service is more personalized in Iquitos area.  GROUPS ARE SMALLER.  For example, in Muyuna one guide is the responsible for only six passengers at a time maximum.

pink dolphin amazon

Pink Dolphin Amazon

3. Muyuna offers an activity to have breakfast on board with the PINK DOLPHINS playing around the boat. 

After this, you can swim with them.  In fact, the pink dolphins live only in the Amazon River (Inia geoffrensis).

4. The VICTORIA REGIA only exists here. 

This is the largest aquatic plant in the world.  It can grow up to two meters wide!

Muyuna Lodge

Muyuna Cabanas

5. You can COMBINE a night in Iquitos and then go to the jungle. 

In Iquitos, there are basic hostels to 5 stars hotels, plus many local activities to take part in: tropical parties, the famous Belen Market selling all kinds of oddities and wonderful items from all over the Amazon, a gourmet floating restaurant, butterfly farm, Manatee Rescue Center and more!

Want to add Iquitos to your next trip to Peru? Contact us!

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