Top 5 Treks in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine, Patagonia: one of the most stunning places on Earth. When planning a trip to Patagonia, at times it can be overwhelming to choose which hikes to do while visiting Torres del Paine National Park; you want to see everything and don’t to miss anything. Our team has taken the time to compile a list of our top-five favorite Torres del Paine treks that will ensure you make the very best of your next adventure to this awe-inspiring park!

  1. Base Torres
Base Torres

Base Torres

In the morning, head towards the Cerro Paine ranch. From here, ascend towards the Ascencio River Valley and the Chilean Refugio Valley from where a steep ascent toward a lookout at the base of the Paine Towers begins. Once at the top, one can finally grasp the magnitude of the granite towers after which the park is named.

Type: Full day
Duration: 8h30m
Distance: 18 km / 10,5 miles
Vertical ascent: 754 meters / 2.413 feet

2. Valle Francés

Valle Frances

Valle Frances

Cross the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoé and head towards the Paine Grande hotel, where the hike begins. Enter the French Valley surrounded by dense forest and native bushes. Cross the hanging bridge over the French River, and reach the Italian camp. From within the valley, observe the Glacier del Francés and the amphitheater of granite peaks that frame the area. On the way back return along the same path.

Type: Full day
Duration: 7h30m
Distance: 16 km / 9,8 miles
Vertical ascent: 226 meters / 723 feet

3. Glaciar Grey

Glaciar Grey

Glaciar Grey

Begin this exploration by crossing the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoé towards the Paine Grande hotel. From here, walk towards the Grey Refuge along the border of the massif. Halfway up the ascent, observe the Grey Glacier and the extraordinary extension of the Southern Ice Fields from above. Later go down a steep path to the Lake Grey beach, from where a boat will take you closer to the towering walls of the glacier, navigating through the icebergs that float throughout the lake. This exploration is particularly interesting for geology and glaciology enthusiasts.

*This excursion is subject to climate conditions, as the boat rides may be cancelled due to strong winds.

Type: Full day
Duration: 5h30m
Distance: 12 km / 7,4 miles
Vertical ascent: 231 meters / 739 feet

4. Mirador Ferrier

Mirador Ferrier

Mirador Ferrier

Depart in the morning and head to the Grey station, where you immediately begin a very demanding ascent. Gradually Lake Grey comes into view and the enormous ice barrier of the Southern Ice Fields, until you enter a very dense forest. After crossing the forest you reach the final point of the exploration, usually quite windy, but with outstanding views of the Grey and Pehoé lakes.

Type: Half day
Duration: 3h30m
Distance: 6 km / 3,5 miles
Vertical ascent: 600 meters / 1.920 feet

5. Mirador del Toro

Mirador del Toro

Mirador del Toro

In the morning, head over the Weber Bridge, from where you walk toward the Del Toro Lake and the park administration. Along the way observe the abundant low-growing flora and rock, which prove that the park was completely covered in ice a million years ago. Once arriving at the lookout, the Del Toro Lake will stretch out below over the Serrano plains and past old gaucho ranches. During the descent, observe a small lagoon fed by rain water where birds, and, if lucky, black-necked swans can be seen.

*This trek can be made into a longer, full day hike if desired

Type: Half day
Duration: 1h30m
Distance: 2 kms / 1,3 miles
Vertical ascent: 58 meters / 186 feet

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