The Right Way to Explore Torres del Paine: The Patagonia O-Circuit

We love to do things fast these days, but the reality is sometimes you just need to take it slow. The W trek is an excellent case in point because it can pass by far too quickly, which is a shame when you consider how crazy beautiful this place is. The Paine Circuit is our favorite program in Torres del Paine because its changing terrain means you have more time to slow down and connect to yourself and the natural world. Intrigued? Keep reading!​

Torres del Paine O- Circuit

Can you imagine the emotion of hiking beside magnificent snow-capped mountains and through silent forests? In Torres del Paine National Park, you can feel the wind in your hair, sleep in a tent beneath the shadows of trees, and hike 138 km of trails past pristine valleys, forests, and ice fields all on this adventure of a lifetime: The Paine O-Circuit!

Torres del Paine O- Circuit

5 Reasons Why The Paine Circuit Rocks

1. The rocks – literally! This is one of the best places in the world to marvel at the power of nature and the Circuit offers up the best geological wonders of them all.

2. The views – the John Gardner Pass is one of the most breathtaking crossings you will ever complete in your life, right beside the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields!

3. It’s remote & quiet unlike some parts of the W which these days can be little over-crowded (especially during peak season).

Torres del Paine O- Circuit

4. It’s a challenge! And not for the faint-hearted. But if you have broken in those trekking boots and are prepared for rain, snow, and sunshine, you will have the most fantastic experience.

5. Your fellow trekkers. Adventurers like you, and like-minded eco-warriors in their downtime. The smaller numbers out on the Circuit will mean you will bond better than on a trek like the W.

Torres del Paine O- Circuit

Are you ready to explore the immensity?

Ready to book those tickets? We have departures every Wednesday until March 27th, 2019.

We also have two departures dates with no minimum traveler basis on February 13th & March 20th 2019- this is perfect for solo travelers!

For more information, contact our Patagonia expert, Gretchen:

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