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Here is a sample list of rental equipment. Prices are estimates for the entire trek in U.S. dollars payable in cash in Moshi. Your guide will help you get rental equipment from a local rental shop during your Kili briefing. It is best to come to Tanzania well-outfitted.

Oxygen: $160
Hyperbaric Bag: $250
Katadyn Expedition Water Filter: $250
Portable Toilet and Tent: $160
Sleeping Bag and Liner
(Down 0 degrees F/-17 degrees C):
Inflatable Sleeping Pad $10
Warm Hat: $10
Balaclava/Scarf: $10
Fleece Pants: $15
Warm Jacket: $15
Long Underwear: $10
Raincoat/Poncho: $15
Rain Pants: $15
Gloves/Mittens: $10
Sweater/Pullover: $15
Socks: $5
Hiking Boots: $25
Duffel Bag/Backpack (85L): $25
Daypack/Rucksack: $15
Hiking Poles (2/Adjustable): $20
Gaiters: $15
Flashlight/Torch: $15
Sunglasses: $10
Batteries: $5
Water Bottle: $10


  • Tents and foam sleeping pads are provided at no charge.
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