Ecuador Trekking In The Andes

Cotopaxi Volcano (19,347 ft / 5,897 m)

Ecuador is well-known for its iconic volcanoes including Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Cayambe. These beautiful peaks rise high above the surrounding landscape, the Ecuadorian “Páramo,” and offer the spectacle of pristine glaciers along the equator. Cotopaxi is considered to be one of world’s highest active volcanoes!

We offer both technical and non-technical trips among these amazing peaks.

Our non-technical trekking itinerary is perfect for anyone who has done trips such as an Inca Trail Trek, a Kilimanjaro Climb or an Everest Base Camp Trek.

Our flagship trekking itinerary starts with the Cotopaxi park and a non-technical peak, Rumiñahui (4722 m / 15,500 ft). You’ll also visit the base of the Cotopaxi glacier! This itinerary is also an opportunity to dive into the middle of the Indian life and to traverse Andean landscapes of great beauty. After Cotopaxi you begin a mutli-day trek between villages, arriving at one of the most beautiful sites in Ecuador: the lagoon of Quilotoa, a still active volcanic crater transformed by nature into a lake.

Climbing the high peaks – namely Cotopaxi and Chimborazo – is great for climbers with technical experience and interest in reaching several summits. You’ll acclimatize on several non-technical peaks before attempting these aesthetic mountaineering objectives.

Note that we can customize any itinerary for your private group!

Are you interested in mountaineering but you don’t have the experience? We can arrange for an itinerary that allows you to learn the ropes!

Are you interested in peak-bagging but not in any technical climbing? We can arrange for a non-technical itinerary that focuses on summits!

Are you interested in trekking but don’t have a lot of time or wish to combine it with a trip to the Galapagos? We can arrange for shorter itineraries!

Contact us for more information about the amazing trekking opportunities in Ecuador!

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